Classic Blue Living Room Design by Karen Kempf Interiors

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/21/2021

Traditional homes present unique challenges when planning a redecorating or interior design project. On one hand, these spaces are often in need of modernization; on the other, changing them too much might result in a loss of their inherent charm.

This blue living room by Karen Kempf Interiors illustrates a masterful exercise of room design and decorating. The use of stark whites helps clean up any original blemishes and the use of bold blues helps present a modernized feel. The use of energetic patterns, classic furniture selections, and accents of gold and brass make this a truly unique space.

Modernized Traditional Blue Living Room

This shot showcases the range of mediums of which blue has been used in this space. The bold blue walls set the tone, the dark blue crushed velvet sofas reinforce it, and the large area rug provides a powerful textural accent. Note the subtle blue coloring of the stone surrounding the fireplace and the warm gold accents throughout the room.

This shot showcases the accent table placed next to the blue crushed velvet sofa with tufting and sating nickel nailheads. This piece adds a splash of color without going overboard. The subtle choice of color here helps blend with the nailheads on the sofa and the tone of the hardwood floor. The rounded shapes add a gentle feminine feel to the space—also accented by the texture of the velvet on the sofas.

This shot showcases another living space in the same home in which designer Karen Kempf uses a pallet of blue colors in a more indirect manner. Note the strong use of whites, almost as if space were a blank canvas. This allows the sparse use of blue on accent pieces, such as the Jenny Lind style chairs with spindle posts and satin nickel casters.

This overhead view of the same show reveals the subtle, interwoven blue colors in the area rug. Almost a mirror of the space as a whole, this area rug makes use of white as a negative space such that the faintest of blue makes a much larger statement. Note also the use of circular patterns to compliment the bulbous turned posts on the accent chairs. This demonstrates strong attention to detail by Kempf.

This shot, taken from another living space in the home, showcases a very vibrant showcase of color and pattern. Note the greater use of blue on the area rug here meant to balance the reds of the accent chairs. This helps to keep the tone of the room closer to blue while still allowing the use of warmer accent colors. The patterns complement each other well and showcase yet another illustration of designer Kempf’s mastery of decor.

More Information

More information and photos from this project and others can be found on the Karen Kempf Interiors website as well as the official Karen Kempf Interiors Instagram.