10 Charming Platform Beds to Fall in Love With

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/10/2021

Platform Beds for Any Bedroom

Platform beds are very versatile these days and futuristic looking at times. They can come in different designs such as wood, upholstered, and lacquered while some even feature a built-in nightstand!. The brands listed below believe platform beds must be comfortable and aesthetically valuable when it comes to bedroom interior design.

Bedrooms are your go-to place for some much-needed rest, and all of its furniture and decor elements must create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for you. Platform beds should display functionality and a serenely pleasing artistic touch, which is why we've curated the list below!

A Platform Bed That Fits Modern Bedrooms


Modern clean edges grace the contours of this chic upholstered platform bed - it's all about keeping the space simple and elegant. The Kelly modern upholstered bed offers a wonderful spot to end your day that accentuates the architectural features of your bedroom. The luxurious velvet headboard and frame include four large drawers that lock into place to provide convenient storage for blankets, linens and even clothing. The bentwood slat support system does not require a foundation or box spring, which allows you to keep a sleek, minimalist feel to your bedroom decor. 

Give Your Bed A Chic & Creative Appeal


This Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Platform Bed design by Baxton Studios
 allows you to elevate your bedroom’s interior design with a beautiful walnut and gray platform bed. Its artistic shape provides a chic look making your room’s scenery look hip. This fresh and modern furniture piece is definitely one of those charming platform beds to fall in love with.

Bold & Contemporary Allure


Reminiscent of 19th century European décor, the Winterhaven Upholstered Platform Bed allows you to complement your bedroom with a timeless contemporary style
. The Winterhaven winks at the traditional style by including a linen upholstered panel, favoring elegant and pleasant scenery for your bedroom. This furniture piece can work as the focal point of your room’s decor, as its button-tufted upholstery and curved silhouette make it a charming platform bed to fall in love with.

The Perfect Modern Farmhouse Platform Bed

modern farmhouse platform bed

The Ash Walnut Platform Bed
 is the perfect furniture piece for recreating a modern farmhouse appeal in your bedroom. The platform bed’s simple design perfectly fits into a minimalist or a modern bedroom with peppered decor. Its original design makes it one of those charming platform beds to fall in love with.

Keeping it Simple and Elegant


Following the “less is more” mantra, the Coaster Home Furnishings team brings you the Jessica Eastern Platform Bed
. This gorgeous platform bed truly shines in uncluttered spaces with clean lines, much like the ones we’ve featured in feng shui bedrooms. Undoubtedly, its slatted wood support system, reinforced center beam, and white veneer base are features that make it a charming platform bed to fall in love with.

Sophisticated Art Deco Platform Bed


The Benjara Upholstered Platform Bed featured above is a
 contemporary furniture piece that has an organic feel to it. Clean lines and the white (faux) leather two-panel headboard project comfort and sophistication, giving your bedroom a fresh art-deco look. The low profile frame sits atop sturdy wooden feet and center support to ensure it is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

The Platform Bed Design of Tomorrow


If you want to get a futuristic feel every time you enter your bedroom, then you’re probably going to love the Eastern King bed from Coaster Home Furnishings
. This sleek sleeping spot makes your bedroom’s interior space pop with its abstract geometry and metallic colors, further providing a modern and aesthetically pleasing addition to any predominantly neutral-colored space. Perhaps what makes this one of those charming platform beds to fall in love with, is the glamorous high gloss black faux leather and silver accents that finish off the bed. 

Platform Bed For Classical Bedrooms


Classic interior design styles
are known for their elegance and lightness of touch. They evoke a Greco-Roman sense of aesthetic beauty in every relevant field be it architecture, or interior decoration. Perhaps in a more neoclassical way, Baxton Studios
 provides a very slick and current take of a platform bed that suits classical spaces superbly. If you’re looking to reinvigorate your bedroom by going for a classical approach, you’ll appreciate the Garonne Storage Platform Bed's simplicity and classic brown walnut finish.

Beauty & Convenience Are Not Mutually Exclusive!


This wonderful ivory-themed platform bed
can work as the stylish focal point for any style of bedroom. The bold and sweeping statements clean lines and symmetry are coupled in the Aurelie Platform Storage Bed. This reliable model is adorned with thickly padded upholstery that is detailed with deep button tufts. What makes this a charming platform bed to fall in love with, is that it allows you to store quite a lot in each of its four deep drawers making it not only beautiful but extremely convenient.

Giving A Sense of Rich Space to Your Bedroom


Decorating your bedroom is not only a matter of colors, patterns, or textures. Furniture plays an important role in it as pieces can be used to make space appear larger or smaller. Rooms To Go
 provides us with the Sofia Vergara Paris Silver Upholstered Bed allowing its users to make a bold decorating statement. The choice of color and texture evokes luxury and style, while also projecting a sense of comfort and coziness through its plump appearance. As a whole, this piece’s glamor is what makes it a charming platform bed to fall in love with.

Final Thoughts About Platform Beds

Platform beds are more than just a bed frame that offers a built-in slat system so you don’t need a box spring, regardless of your mattress choice. They are functional, decorating furniture pieces with the potential to make different interior design elements come together in favor of producing a soothing atmosphere. We hope this platform bed list can point you in the right direction towards an original and pleasing bedroom design. If you’re interested in buying furniture online, it's time to start shopping!