9 Bold Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/01/2021

Kitchens are considered by many, the most important room in the house. It’s where family and guests gather to eat, cook, and bond together, but it’s also where many get their morning dose of coffee before taking on the world. Contemporary style seeks to bring balance, serenity, and sophistication to this living area.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or designing a new one from scratch, these bold contemporary kitchen ideas will surely spark your imagination. Today we’ve hand-picked these masterful designers from all over the web and reviewed their best ideas for you. Let’s begin!

Integrate Vinyl Floors


The first bold contemporary kitchen idea comes from Delonix Homes, as part of a home construction project in Vancouver. This L-shaped kitchen deviates from your traditional stone floors in favor of rustic vinyl tiles. The beautiful vinyl floors are accompanied by these gorgeous antique brass and onyx counter stools that masterfully adapt to the room’s color scheme. The brass-toned decor and rustic vinyl tiles add a new layer of depth to this gorgeous kitchen.

Fuse your Kitchen Island & Dining Room


The next project comes to us from Casa Q, a South Florida design firm with over 35 years of experience in the field and Venetta Cucina. This room has the makings of an exceptional contemporary kitchen, with a delicately balanced black and light grey color palette, clean lines and plenty of space. By fusing their glass dining room table into the kitchen island, diner gatherings stay intimate and encourage all guests to share in the same area. No more forcefully separating your guests into groups because of limited diner room capacity!

Introduce a Tray Ceiling to your Kitchen


Udvari Solner
 graces us with this bold contemporary kitchen idea, as part of their contemporary lake house remodel project. This u-shaped light wood floor kitchen features some stylish medium tone wood cabinets and an impressive black countertop in its kitchen island. The wooden-brown color palette gradient is crowned by a magnificent tray ceiling that offers delicate lighting to its occupants. This inclusion clearly deviates from a traditional ceiling lamp option and adds a new tone to the gradient-inspired color scheme.

Introduce Modern Undertones


Our next bold contemporary kitchen idea was curated by Style Precinct Interior Design & Decoration. This magnificent kitchen won the Large Kitchen design award for Victoria 2019 KDBi, thanks to its delicate modern undertones. This open-space kitchen creates a pleasing black and white contrast by leveraging textures. The white cabinets meet the light grey ceramic countertop and then lead us to the onyx wooden cabinets. The modern approach to the room’s lighting via a modern composite bulb array and texture play makes this a truly unique project filled with inspiring ideas.

Infuse Mountain Retreat Vibes to your Kitchen


Capstone Lifestyles
 created this amazing urban-infused mountain retreat composition recently, and its attention to detail caught our attention. Many houses, particularly remodeled farmhouses, are fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature’s bounty, yet few designers are able to incorporate it into the house’s design as skillfully as Capstone Lifestyle did. The dark wooden gradient and black color accents harmoniously work together and are enhanced by the ample natural lighting (and gorgeous views) that are one sliding door away. You can almost feel the sunlight greet you as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee while gazing at nature’s blessings in the comfort of your house.

Eat-in Kitchens are Trending!


Transforming reduced living spaces into cozy, contemporary living areas is a common challenge for many metropolitan homeowners. Geddes Ulinkas architects accomplished this by turning a San Francisco home’s kitchen into a u-shaped, trendy eat-in kitchen. The color composition is exquisite: the polished dark wood floors, flat medium-toned wood cabinets, and stainless steel appliances wonderfully decorate this well-balanced kitchen. By making the most of the available space, these talented architects created something uniquely cozy for the owners.

Open Space Contemporary Kitchen


DW Architects and Interiors
 built this kitchen as part of a custom-made house project for one of their clients. They introduced an open space, a highly functional concept to it that is truly delightful. This contemporary kitchen also exhibits clear minimalist tendencies mainly due to the very discrete, yet colorful décor that populates the walls. The lightly polished wood floor, the gentle grey tones, and the ample lighting soothe the senses and offer its occupants a much-needed refuge from the anxious and fast-paced day-to-day.

Add a Dash of Luxury


Alero Madison
 curated these wonderful bold contemporary kitchen ideas during their Chicago Condo remodeling project. Rozanna Alexandrian carefully considered the available space and lighting to create a truly astonishing kitchen. The jet-black kitchen island establishes itself as the room’s focal point, while the exquisite galley medium-tone wood floor and white leather chairs create delicate contrasts that balance the composition. The dark grey walls and flat cabinets and matching décor are truly a testament to the level of detail that went into this room. Truly marvelous.

Modern Contemporary Mesh


The team over at Gravitas managed to perfectly balance modern and contemporary design in this gorgeous kitchen. This single-wall eat-in kitchen features flat-panel gray cabinets, a beautiful onyx kitchen island, and a delicious stone slab backsplash that perfectly transitions the existing textures. Gravitas stayed true to the property’s rustic architecture features while bringing modernity and style to this serenely beautiful kitchen.

Final Thoughts About Contemporary Kitchen Design

You deserve to begin every day in a tranquil, creativity-charged environment. Contemporary interior designs are capable of manifesting all of these wonderful sensations through a clean, well-balanced design that will surely bring your guests to awe and admiration. We hope that these bold contemporary kitchen ideas inspire any future projects you wish to complete in the future! Also, make sure to visit our room ideas section, we have hundreds of design ideas worth exploring!