Boho Decor: Using Bohemian Interior Design

Posted In Design - 10/16/2019

Inspired by travelers, writers and others who live unconventional lives, bohemian style embodies creativity, diversity and individuality. These relaxed spaces capture the free-spirited nature of the beatnik and hippie eras. A focus on pieces from other cultures gives rooms an artistic, worldly feel.

What is Boho?

Renowned for its approachable, lived-in allure, personalization is the key to a bohemian home, and every interpretation differs. As a result, you can incorporate your own interests and create a private sanctuary that's equally welcoming and carefree.

At first, the bohemian definition may seem to encourage chaos and clutter. However, when done well, boho layouts rarely overwhelm the senses. The use of diverse materials and decor items should emphasize informality and make a bohemian house comfortable and full of life.

There are typically two approaches to boho room decor. You can go all in, and mix everything that appeals to you, putting together a home that is unique to you alone. The other option is purchasing boho furniture sets and adding your own eclectic accents.

Bohemian Interior Design Elements

The general principle behind boho home decor is maximalism, which is the opposite of minimalism. Maximal spaces celebrate excess with bold prints, vivid hues and wall-to-wall decorations. With boho style, colorful folk patterns, natural textures, vintage pieces and cultural artifacts or souvenirs are central to this look.

Bohemian interior design is more than just throwing together a hodgepodge collection of furniture and fabrics. Building off a complementary palette keeps your layout from becoming too muddled or messy. Also, carefully curating your decor avoids overcrowding in bohemian homes. However, slightly mismatched hues and well-worn accent pieces are all part of the fun.

Color and Pattern

One of the best aspects of boho decor is its use of color. Layering different warm and cool hues establishes depth and variety. Mixing earthy bases like browns, greens or grays with other rich tones makes spaces feel cozy and inviting. White usually plays a prominent role as a backdrop on walls, while darker shades, used sparingly, have a dramatic effect.

Bold, saturated pinks, purples, oranges and blues are popular bohemian hues as are metallics and jewel tones. As you plan your palette, consider combining patchwork or paisley with solid fabrics in complementary tones. Opting for designs with different shapes and textures adds dimension as well as a bit of flair.

Color is a smart place to start when considering boho bedroom ideas. Keep things interesting by pairing pale violet sheets with a distressed navy comforter. Finish off the calming vibe with accessories like a mosaic table, a faux fur rug, woven baskets and print pillows.


Blend weathered materials and striking prints as you put your bohemian style decor together. Faded tie-dye fabrics and intricate or unusual patterns are perfect for throw pillows, bed linens and curtains. Introduce new textures by pairing rougher textiles like canvas or burlap with silk or chenille. Fringe, crochet or macrame accents add a dose of hippie couture, too.

Bohemian Furniture

There's a lot to consider in terms of boho style furnishings, but you should avoid more than one or two dark elements to help anchor the room. Using too much charcoal gray, dark wood or black can dull the vibrancy of these layouts. Stick with lighter finishes and brightly painted furniture to keep the aesthetic inviting and cheerful.

Vintage and second-hand items are common in bohemian decor, especially for accent cabinets and tables. If you prefer your upholstered furniture to be brand new, transitional couches and loveseats with plush fabrics, low profiles and soft, curved silhouettes are a good fit for a boho living room.

Additionally, floor seating options like bean bag chairs, pillows, ottomans and poufs create relaxing lounge areas. Bohemian furniture like wicker swing chairs deliver an eclectic touch, while mid-century modern armchairs or barrel-style seats bring in a fun retro vibe.

In a boho bedroom, emphasize pieces that provide comfort and convenience. Upholstered headboards with luxurious elements like button tufting complement both contemporary and traditional dressers and nightstands, so you'll have a lot of different options. Daybeds with a trundle mattress or storage drawers are multifunctional beds that fit the vibe in bohemian style guest or kids' rooms, too.


Lighting in bohemian home decor ranges from the simple to the ornate or a combination of both. Candles, string lights and lanterns provide a nice warm glow while larger fixtures like floor lamps and chandeliers illuminate the whole room. Using several different types of lighting lets you set the mood for movies or brighten things up for a game night.

Accessories and Botanicals

Accents for your bohemian style room should include interesting pieces that tell a story. Accessorize with handmade items, souvenirs and heirlooms for a personalized touch.

In a boho living room, consider using patterned rugs, placing tapestries on the walls and layering throws over furniture. Glass-top coffee tables and antique mirrors are great additions as well, as clear or reflective surfaces make rooms appear more spacious.

Bohemian home decor usually includes an abundance of plants for their color and air quality benefits. Choose a few different kinds to combine textures and add interest as well as depth. Ferns, philodendrons, peace lilies and succulents are easy-care options. Vines in woven baskets or macrame hanging planters fill in empty spots and promote a relaxed atmosphere.

Pulling It All Together

One great reason to choose boho style decorating is its adaptability. As you and your family grow and change, it's easy to adjust bohemian interior design looks to accommodate your needs, passions and interests. The ability to swap out new finds and old favorites on a whim keeps your layout fresh and exciting. All that's required is a little creativity.

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