Boho Blue Living Room by Toledo Geller

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/02/2021

Bohemian Blue Living Room Design

Blue living rooms come in many styles and many forms. This inspired design from Jessica Geller and Virginia Toledo showcases a dramatic redecoration to a space that had slipped behind the times.

This team revitalized this traditional Glen Ridge home by adding some fun geometric shapes, an eclectic furniture selection, and strong colorful trim accents featuring a very bold blue. This living room design feels semi-coastal but hints at the freestyle Bohemian influences that make it a conversation catalyst.

The design of this space immediately draws attention to the unapologetically blue crown molding and window trim. This presence is really tied together by the massive light blue area rug to create a very unified color presence. The hodge-podge of furniture selection showcases a bohemian style that stands in beautiful contrast to the more traditional architectural elements.

This shot helps better detail the modern geometric pattern on the rug and offers a sneak peek at the wood flooring. Note how none of the accent pillows match directly but still work together to form a single stylistic showcase. The VW Wagon art removes all questions as to whether this bohemian collection a happy accident or the product of the Toledo Geller team’s interior mastery.

This detail shot shows the hexagonal bunching occasional tables, chosen as a flat-white finish. These tables create a sense of movement and energy which works great for any living room. In the background, you can see the original brick fireplace, now in white, and another geometric chairside table supporting a wisp of lively greenery.

This shot showcases the street-side of the living space which features additional seating, another tremendous area rug, and a preview of the also-bold-blue base molding. This choice to include black and white picture + frame combinations on either side of the sofa creates an anchoring symmetry that works well around the windows here.

This shot showcases and look-through view of the living room that hints at how this space may be used as a thoroughfare during daily life. A nice place to pause on one’s way elsewhere! Note the fun vintage wall light just near the doorway to the sunroom!

Here’s a picture that shows what this space looked like before the Toledo Geller team got ahold of things. Notice what a difference the white wall + dark floor combo made to space! The updated furniture certainly didn’t hurt the look either!

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