5 Best Round Swivel Barrel Chairs

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/14/2021
5 swivel barrel chairs

Barrel style swivel chairs are a stylish, comfortable seating option for casual family rooms as well as high-end living rooms. Swivel bucket chairs are also perfect for home offices and reading rooms where you need comfortable seating with less bulk than a recliner but with more cushioning than the slim armless frame of a slipper chair.

The motion of these accent chairs is part of their charm and utility. An elegant home swivel chair in the living room lets you switch easily from focusing on a conversation to repositioning yourself for optimal TV viewing during the big game. Swiveling semi-sphere chairs let you turn 360 degrees, making them ideal for parents who need to keep a watchful eye on their little ones.

Cuttino Accent Swivel Chair

Cuttino gray accent swivel chair from Rooms to Go

The Cuttino accent swivel chair from Rooms to Go is a transitional-style seat upholstered in a durable linen and cotton blend fabric. The Cuttino chair has clean lines and a straight-backed design that looks right at home in modern and traditional spaces alike. To style this round upholstered swivel chair, add a white faux fur throw pillow or blanket to bring in an additional layer of texture to this seat.

Adelta Dark Brown Accent Swivel Chair

Adelta dark brown swivel barrel chair

Whether you're going for a mid-century modern look or a chic, worldly vibe, the Adelta dark brown accent swivel chair introduces rich texture and deep cushioning to any layout. This barrel accent chair features easy-to-clean bonded faux leather upholstery on top of foam-encased pocketed coil springs for maximum comfort that will last for years.

Chisholm Gray Swivel Chair

Chisholm Gray swivel chair

Inviting curves, plush gray fabric and a round gold base make the Chisholm swivel chair a showstopper for your bedroom or living room. This pretty swivel chair looks right at home surrounded by retro furniture and Old Hollywood decor as well as contemporary or modern furnishings.

Davilla Gray Accent Swivel Chair

Davilla gray accent swivel chair

The Davilla gray accent swivel chair offers stylish seating at an affordable price point. This slightly oversized barrel chair has captivating chevron print upholstery and a tapered silhouette. With its deep seat and ample cushioning, this chair is perfect for lazy days when you want to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine.

Tamarix Gray Accent Swivel Chair

Tamarix plush gray swivel chair

The cascading pleats of soft gray fabric on the Tamarix swivel chair elevate the impact of this luxurious seat. With pewter nailhead trim offering subtle contrast against plush upholstery, this cozy chair works with various decor styles, including transitional, contemporary and modern layouts.

Swivel Chair FAQ

Designed in the shape of a semi-circle, swivel lounge chairs with a barrel frame bring style and fun to any room. Want to learn more about these cozy, quirky seats? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions related to swivel chairs.

Where can I buy a round swivel chair?

Round swivel chairs are somewhat of a novelty, so you may need to browse a few different online furniture stores to find exactly what you're looking for. Shopping online ensures you'll find the best selection, pricing and customization options.

Who designed the first found swivel chair?

Thomas Jefferson used a revolving Windsor chair in Philidelphia while working on the Declaration of Independence. He brought the chair with him when he returned to his Monticello estate. The first version featured a rounded wooden seat that rotated on a central spindle. While its complete history is unclear, Jefferson most likely commissioned the chair from an unnamed designer.

What are barrel chairs?

Designed after the shape of a wooden wine or rain barrel, this type of chair has been popular for a long time. In fact, some antique barrel seats were made from actual wine casks with fabric and cushions added for comfort. Modern designs feature a semi-circular barrel back chair frame that wraps around to form the arms.

What are round swivel chairs?

Round swivel chairs are a unique style of seating with a rotating base and a half-sphere seat design. The chairs' frames resemble the rounded shape of wine casks or barrels with custom seat cushion designs. Round swivel chairs can come in a wide range of styles and designs and are well-suited to retro and modern layouts.

When did swivel chairs become popular?

Thomas Jefferson used the first known swivel chair in the 1700s. The mechanics of swivel chairs continued to gain popularity in the 1950s-1970s and are still common on the market today. Many modern office chairs, accent chairs and dining seats have swivel bases for comfort as well as convenience.

Why would someone want a round swivel chair?

Round swivel chairs let you easily redirect focus to multiple directions in a room, whether you're shifting from chatting to watching TV, keeping an eye on the kids or working on a craft project. These types of chairs are popular for home offices, reading rooms and living rooms.

How do I use a round swivel chair?

Unlike power recliners or lift chairs, most round swivel chairs rotate manually. To swivel left, push against the floor with your right foot. To swivel right, push with the left. To go for a full 360 rotation, push hard with your feet and pull your legs up to take a spin.

Final Thoughts About Round Barrel Swivel Chairs

Round swivel barrel chairs have been around for hundreds of years, and some of the best furniture companies on the market still design these unique seats. Easy to incorporate into any furniture layout or tuck into a handy corner, swivel barrel chairs make great accent seating for formal living rooms, casual family rooms, dens and even bedrooms.