The Best Rated Mattress for Your Back

Posted In Knowledge - 06/13/2018

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Chronic back pain sufferers have a difficult time getting a full night's sleep. Finding a bed that suits your needs can be life-changing. The right mattress can help you fall asleep faster and prevent restlessness as well as morning aches and pains.

A brand new mattress can be a costly, big-ticket item. However, finding the best mattress for your back is a good investment for your overall well-being. Common questions about beds include:

  • Do I want a firm or soft mattress?
  • What types of materials should I look for?
  • Can I upgrade my old bed to help my back?

These are especially valid concerns when dealing with health problems. Your mattress determines how you feel each morning, often affecting the whole day. Firmness, construction and bedroom accessories are all factors in deciding on the best mattresses for your back pain.

Side SleepersStomach SleepersBack Sleepers
  • Typically enjoys soft mattress.
  • Added cushion of softer mattresses helps support shoulders and hips.
  • Firm mattresses are best for back pain.
  • Stiff beds help align the spine and support the body.
  • Sleeping on the back tends to add pressure to the lower back.
  • Mattresses that accommodate both a stiff innerspring and a soft top may suit back sleepers best to maintain proper posture.


The correct amount of mattress softness depends on how your body is positioned as you sleep. Resting on your back, side or stomach requires different degrees of firmness.

Side Sleepers

Those who sleep on their sides typically enjoy a soft mattress. The added cushion supports shoulders and hips, keeping you comfortable through the night.

Stomach Sleepers

If you fall asleep on your belly, firm models are the best mattresses for your back pain. A stiff bed helps align the spine and support the body.

Back Sleepers

There is no definitive rule for sleeping on your back. Those with pain should test out a few mattresses and find what fits best. Soft beds are usually more comfortable but less supportive, whereas firm options often relieve pain.

Materials and Construction

The innerspring coil bed plus box spring setup has worked for decades and is still a viable choice. These mattresses also tend to be a bit more affordable. Recent inventions, like memory foam or micro-coil beds, come at a higher price but might be worth it for back pain sufferers.

Those with limited mobility might consider a power-assisted bed. Adjustable platforms tilt up and down, raise the foot, or lower their total height for ease of use and comfortable positioning. Customization is a great option to look for when choosing a mattress for your back pain.


There are many ways to improve an existing mattress and alleviate back pain. Heating pads that strap to a bed release tension on strained muscles. Pillow-top pads and mattress toppers are also available to add comfort to older mattresses. While they seem like minor additions, such accessories may offer much-needed relief.

A Bed that Works for You

Serious back pain is a persistent issue for many people. The best mattress or accessory for you is likely unique to your symptoms. Weigh your choices, try things out, consult experts, and get the relief you need. Everything is better with a good night's sleep.

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