Beautyrest Black Calista by Serta-Simmons

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/01/2021

The Beautyrest Black Calista is the entry-level mattress by Serta-Simmons. This mattress features a hybrid memory foam microcoil design and offers one of the firmest night’s sleep you’re likely to get without it becoming uncomfortable. Serta-Simmons has faced some tremendous competition from bed-in-a-box brands recently but their Beautyrest Black collection gives buyers a strong reason to reconsider.


Serta-Simmons Beautyrest line is one of their most successful mattress lines. These mattresses continually set sales records and receive excellent reviews. Recently, Serta-Simmons announced an expansion of the line to include several different pricing options all with unique features. The Beautyrest Black line features their patented Micro Diamond Memory foam, triple-stranded microcoils, and gel foam in all the right places. The Calista is the entry-level mattress in this lineup and we recently had the opportunity to test out the extra-firm version. It felt like a rock in all the right ways.

Layers of Luxury

The Beautyrest Black Calista features an advanced layer design to offer an almost mysteriously well-balanced sleeping experience. It features gel, foam, memory foam, diamond black memory foam, and even has some microcoils tossed in for good measure. It’s one of the more impressive mattresses we’ve seen and it’s only the entry-level mattress of the Serta-Simmons Beautyrest Black lineup. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this mattress worth writing about.

SurfaceCool Fiber

The SurfaceCool fiber is a feature of most (if not all) of the Serta-Simmons Beautyrest mattresses. This patented layer is made of TENCEL fibers designed to dissipate body heat throughout the night. Not only is this material soft and smooth as silk it's your first line of defense against getting too hot at night.

GelTouch & AirCool Memory Foam

Remember when memory foam was thought to be the end-all-be-all for luxury comfort in mattresses? It wasn’t that long ago, we’re not that old! Memory foam is still regarded as offering the best contour support but people quickly grew tired of its heat retention. The Beautyrest lineup features Serta-Simmons’ AirCool memory foam material that helps to promote greater airflow. The GelTouch material is infused throughout to provide even better contour support than traditional memory foam.

Micro Diamond Technology

What says luxury better than diamonds? The Beautyrest Black Calista features a memory foam infused with diamond nanoparticles (diamond dust) that help draw heat away from your body during the night. This is yet another way this mattress is designed to keep you from overheating at night.

Triple Stranded Microcoils

Traditional innerspring mattresses do one thing really well: they keep things cool. The Calista mattress is a hybrid memory foam + innerspring design that features a layer of individually wrapped microcoils designed to help support one’s weight more effectively and to let the mattress breathe.

Pricing, Warranty & In-Home Trials

The Beautyrest Black Calista isn’t available for direct purchase from the Beautyrest website. Instead, one must either find an authorized local dealer or an authorized online retailer. Below you’ll find a table with sizing information for the Calista. Note: the price will vary depending on where you purchase your Calista from. Check out our article on bed and mattress sizes to better understand how to know you’re getting the right size mattress.

In-Home Trial

Depending on where you buy from, you’re likely to be offered a generous in-home trial period during which you are free to return your mattress for a full refund. The Beautyrest Calista is sold through authorized retailers, as opposed to direct-to-consumer pricing, and therefore the in-home trials are subject to retailer preference. In other words, if you aren’t offered an in-home trial period you should go somewhere else. We feel that 100+ nights is a standard evaluation period these days, comparatively speaking.

10-Year Warranty

The Beautyrest Black Calista comes with the standard Serta-Simmons 10-year limited warranty. As far as warranties go it's pretty standard and leans towards the extra-wordy side of things. One notable caveat is that the warranty doesn’t cover the cost of shipping or transportation (except in California) should there be an issue with the mattress. Probably don’t tear off the tags either.

Final Thoughts About the Beautyrest Black Calista Mattress

Serta-Simmons’ Beautyrest Black line of mattresses features some of the most luxurious mattresses on the market today. The Calista is the entry-level mattress in this family and features a unique layer of microcoils, diamond memory foam, and is one of the firmest mattresses we’ve ever tested. If you’re looking for a luxury quality mattress from a brand that you know and trust the Calista is for you. Our only criticism (also one of our primary compliments) of this mattress is that it is really firm. This mattress wouldn’t be a good pick for anyone not seeking an 8/10-9/10 firmness. For those that are; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better choice!