9 Beautiful Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/01/2021

Feng Shui is known to help the mind slow down and be mindful of your surroundings as well as the mundane. Typically, your bedroom décor should help you relax and ease you into deep recuperative sleep, which perfectly aligns with Feng Shui’s design and overarching philosophy.

Today we’ve gathered many renowned designer’s beautiful feng shui bedroom ideas that are guaranteed to nurture your spirit, connect you to nature, and elevate your mindfulness. Whether you’re adopting Feng Shui design to your bedroom or you’re building your dream room, you’ll find these ideas inspiring. Let’s start!

Adopt a Green and Blue Color Palette


These beautiful feng shui bedroom ideas come to us from Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors. The room features a very harmonious balance of calm, relaxing colors that Feng Shui thrives on. The light green and blue tones represent the Wood element, and they inspire healing, growth, and new beginnings. These magnificent colors invite deep, recuperative sleep into your bedroom and simultaneously help you receive the day as a new beginning full of opportunities and blessings.

Maximize Air Quality with a Glass Double Door


This calm and delightful bedroom was designed by Alair Homes Decatur, and it heavily favors the wood element. Green represents the restorative energies of nature, which are essential for renewing our bodies during sleep. The large glass double door also invites Feng (the wind) into our bedroom, instantly elevating the quality of the air that goes into the lungs while offering a direct connection to the greenery just outside the home.

Feng Shui With a Dash of Luxury


Sanandres Construction & Consulting Group recently recreated these beautiful feng shui bedroom ideas. This luxurious penthouse incorporated notable Feng Shui elements during its remodeling, specifically decluttering, flow, and element balance. Dark blue is connected to self-cultivation, understanding, and wealth, while white tones are related to the metal element, known for clarity, beauty, and efficiency. Lastly, the inclusion of greenery infuses life energy and vibrancy into this serenely beautiful bedroom, which proves luxury and Feng Shui go hand-in-hand.

Embrace Simplicity with Minimalist Feng Shui


Coffey Architecture curated these beautiful feng shui bedroom ideas and weaved them into this marvelous bedroom. This mid-sized contemporary bedroom perfectly balances the Earth and Wood elements, embodied by the room’s floor and walls. The earth element, represented by the light wood floor is connected to health, knowledge, and stability, while green tones represent the Wood element, which boosts vitality. The room is also notoriously minimalist, which has a two-fold effect: it allows the gorgeous furniture to shine on its own while allowing the Feng Shui energies to freely flow through the area.

Integrate Bold Contrasts to Your Bedroom


This magnificent bedroom comes to us from El & El Wood Products, and it features a fairly unique contrast that calls upon a variety of elements. The bold artwork on top of the headboard represents the most auspicious color in Feng Shui: red. Red is related to prosperity, good health, and luck, which are all excellent traits to absorb as you start the day. The red to orange gradient present in the room’s cushions and furniture delivers a gorgeous contrast with the room’s white walls and adds the Earth element to the mix.

Craftsman Bedroom Meets Feng Shui


These beautiful feng shui bedroom ideas were arranged by Craftsman Design, as part of a recent renovation product in Portland. The room itself is very well-balanced and features a delicately beige carpeted floor along with its white and black walls. Black is deeply connected to the Water element in Feng Shui and it represents wisdom and inclusivity (since this color absorbs all other colors in the spectrum). By adding a wood seat Capri bench, a leather chair as well as a delicate sculpture table lamp, this team imprinted a style of its own that perfectly synergized with Feng Shui’s philosophy and its Taoist elements.

Invoke the Earth Element with Tiled or Marbled Floors


This stunning luxury apartment in Marbella (Málaga) was remodeled by Aladecor Interior Design. Notice how the bedroom uses black accents present in the patterned ceiling and furniture to invoke the water element, while the earthy beige and marble floors invite health, knowledge, and stability. Notice how the natural rattan wall coverings elegantly combine with the room’s silk curtains and cushions, creating a true feast for the senses and soul.

The combination of these elements creates a deeply reflective chamber surrounded by exquisite glamour. If marbled floors are a bit out of your budget range, keep in mind that epoxy resin covers can emulate marbled surfaces at a much lower cost!

Open Concept, Rugged Feng Shui Bedroom


This gorgeous bedroom was created by the Suzanne Hunt Architect team, and it’s a Feng Shui paradise. In Feng Shui, plants embody life energy, a key component that should be present in your bedroom since it’s where the day begins and ends. Natural light is another major component since it energizes us and comes hand-in-hand with the Feng (wind). This room incorporates both to perfection, and even mixes the water element with black accents, as well as the metal element (well known for its balancing properties) through a patterned rug. The well-thought-out balance is no coincidence, showing the level of detail that went into this project.

Use Circular Décor To Invoke The Metal Element


The beautiful feng shui bedroom ideas present in this room were recreated by Baya Luxury Design. This highly sophisticated Feng Shui room is balanced between the Metal and Water element while masterfully leveraging the commanding position principle. The bed was strategically placed in the room’s commanding position, meaning the room’s door is observable without directly aligning with it, thus maximizing positive energy reception.

Additionally, the gorgeous sunburst mirror invokes the Metal element, representing precision and beauty while its black tone calls upon the water element’s deep wisdom. This clever use of décor, trendy furniture positioning and delicate lighting creates an ideal Feng Shui resting chamber.

Final Thoughts About Feng Shui Bedrooms

Feng Shui can help us create cozy, calming energies that gently invite us to deep rest. It can also balance elements and leverage furniture positioning to elevate positive energies and well-being when we start our day. Admittedly, it can be a daunting task to manage, but we hope these beautiful feng shui bedroom ideas help you create the right energy balance for you!