8 Beautiful Blue Attic Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/27/2021

With relatively recent advancements in home temperature control and insulation technology, attics are often remodeled as gorgeous living spaces for homeowners. We often wish we had an extra room we could personalize for ourselves, and thankfully attics provide us with such an opportunity at a lower cost.

These beautiful blue attic ideas range from personal home offices, all the way to personalized spas for those of us that need our own slice of heaven. So, if you’re looking to turn that dusty old storage room into an extra guest room, or a place where you can truly relax and be yourself, then join us today!

Eclectic Family Room Remodel


The next beautiful blue attic ideas were materialized by B Fein Interiors. The clients were looking to create a casual atmosphere in their attic media room with modern overtones. The designers decided to use the house’s original pie-shaped windows and contrasted them with a light blue palette and modern furnishings to recreate an eclectic entertainment room. The gorgeous leather swivel chair provides additional seating while the Palacek benches function as an easy-to-move coffee table, in case additional space is needed. This makes up for a gorgeous, highly versatile living area you could recreate today!

Turn Your Attic Into A Playroom


Beinfeld Architecture PC turned this attic into a wonderful modern playroom for kids. The sky blue painted plywood floor peacefully contrasts with the former attic’s white walls and is filled with all sorts of entertainment any playroom would envy. The ice hockey table serves as the main entertainment feature, while the traditional furniture incorporated during the remodeling serves as toy cabinets for the children. The delicate ruby-colored chairs and bed also match the colorful suspension lamps that overlook the space.

Turn Your Attic Into A Bathroom


This project by Light House Designs is filled with beautiful blue attic ideas for those in need of an extra bathroom. The attic came with natural glass partitions and an open staircase, which eased the transition from a storage room to a contemporary bathroom. The flooring is composed entirely of marble and features white countertops, flat-panel cabinets, and a matching sink. All of the details, (including the sconce lamp) follow a brushed brass theme. The blue glass partitions add a luxurious sky blue hue to the room that soothes the senses and welcomes you to your private bathroom.

Turning an Attic Into a Home Office


Howells Architecture + Design turned an attic into a gorgeous writer’s home office. The honey-toned wood floors are combined with a wall-to-wall walnut wood desk to provide plenty of working space for this writer’s day-long sessions. The built-in bookcase matches the deep blue furniture color palette. These pieces provide alternate resting areas for much-needed breaks or seatings for impromptu meetings with editors and publishers. The home office’s blue undertones and gentle hanging globe lighting create a tranquil environment, turning this project into a truly remarkable remodeling job.

Attic Turns Into a Rustic Bedroom


Rosenberg + Gibson Design remodeled this Palmer Residence attic into a stunning bedroom full of beautiful blue attic ideas for your future projects. Homeowners often find themselves in need of extra guest rooms and out of conventional options. The designers found a solution in this previously unused attic and decided to use the residence’s rustic architecture and build in their favor. The gorgeous wooden tones perfectly mesh with the classy blue gradient colors chosen for the custom-made bed. The wall sconce Lights, delicate décor, and rugged centerpiece transmit a mesmerizing coastal style vibe capable of “WOW-ing” any future guests.

Attic Den Turned Into a Family Room


These beautiful blue attic ideas come to us from Matthew Caughy Interiors. This ample attic was remodeled into a jaw-dropping family room, featuring a creative beach style and contemporary design mix. The dark wood floor and Williams-Sonoma Home stripe-patterned area rug excellently contrast with the 106″ Behr Ultra Pure White walls. This genius choice of paint color allows the former attic to look even bigger than it already is. The sophisticated décor overlooked by the wire sculpture adds contemporary vibes to this color-filled composition. Truly a spacious, comfortable space to share with the family.

Remodel Your Attic Into a Spa


Felhandler / Steeneken Architects managed to turn this attic into an astonishing Spa Bathroom for its owners. The attic was completely remodeled to install a subway tile blue floor that contrasted with the room’s white walls. The spa’s centerpiece is also a custom-made tile rug that fits into the bathroom’s beige and blue color palette. Once the project was finished, the owners had more than an extra bathroom at their disposal: they had a fully equipped contemporary spa they could relax in during particularly hot days. We’d also like to extend our thanks to Gridley + Graves Photographers for skillfully capturing the private spa’s breezy atmosphere.

Modern Suspended Bed Renovation


Cheney Brothers Building & Renovation turned these beautiful blue attic ideas into reality during a recent project in Boston. This modern take on a coastal-style bedroom features an incredibly unique twist: a suspended bed. This bed is suspended via solid blocking in the ceiling, and with its headboard attached to the wall for extra stability. The build-in bed frame becomes the center furniture in this mind-blowing modern bedroom. The navy blue & pure white color combination shimmer with the multiple natural light sources, turning the bed into a comfortable sky perch.

Final Thoughts About Attic Room Ideas

These beautiful blue attic ideas prove that these previously neglected spaces can be turned into truly personal, and unique living areas. Insulation and temperature control measures have changed throughout the years, allowing renovation projects to completely overhaul dusty storages into home offices, bedrooms, and even truly spectacular bathrooms. We hope this article inspires you to turn your attic into the crown jewel of your home!