9 Beautiful Art Deco Sun Room Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/21/2021

Sunrooms are incredibly versatile and popular home additions. Their enclosed design allows occupants to enjoy nature and the outdoors without worrying about irritating insects or blinding heat. Sunrooms can be ideal spots for quiet reflection or animated conversations with dear friends and guests. It can also be a secluded area dedicated to the homeowner’s hobbies and interests.

Coupled with the modern Art Deco style, these deco sunroom ideas are guaranteed to add a modern, unique touch to any property. Interacting with nature and enjoying its bounty, surrounded by the calm, luxurious atmosphere Art Deco transmits is a joyful experience to homeowners and guests alike.

Use Dark Wood Flooring

The team over at Tom Stringer Design Partners brings us our first beautiful art deco sunroom idea. The polished dark wood flooring is a favorite choice amongst art deco properties, and in this case, it masterfully contrasts with the cream textured herringbone fabrics used on the chairs. The airtight windows are approximately 26″ off the floor and can be opened if needed. The black matte fried egg tables bring the room together with a delicate modern touch.

Incorporate Modern Tiled Floor

The following sunroom was designed by Seattle Swank Inc. Original Art Deco style features black, white, and gold color themes, which are all present in this gorgeous sunroom. This design style has deep modern roots and incorporates mass-produced furniture, (to represent mass industrialization power). This is perfectly captured by the elegant black chairs and modern tiled floors. The gold leaf chandelier provides lighting during those late-night reading sessions.

Greenery Inside Your Sunroom

The next sunroom idea comes from the Sustainable 9 Minnesota team. It features an original Art Deco enclosed sunroom with plenty of greenery as part of its décor. The bold, deep hues present in the soft furnishing, as well as the geometric designs and textiles used on the sofa perfectly combines with the soft rug. The black Frome Vinyl Lunge Chairs stay within the chosen original art deco color palette and offers guests maximum comfort.

Introduce Patterns To Your Furniture

Carrington Hill Designs brings us the next beautiful art deco sunroom ideas. Art Deco design heavily favors the use of glass as part of the room’s décor, making all sunrooms perfect base environments for it. White walls are another major Modern Art Deco staple, especially when combined with this gorgeous, bold, deep blue-patterned sofa. The use of fabrics and geometric design also brings out the modern art deco influences present in this clean, and carefully thought-out sunroom.

Rustic Art Deco is Trending

This rustic art deco sunroom comes to us from Saratoga Signature Interiors. Not every day do you get to see modern art deco and rustic architecture mesh in such an extraordinary way. The polished wood floor, coupled with the jaw-dropping animal print rug set the stage for the black and white furniture in true art deco style. The bright red porcelain round stool ottoman and the matching pillow establish the sunroom’s focal points. Truly a wonderful sight.

Include Jeweled Tones

The BCD group led by Doug Johnson transformed these beautiful art deco sunroom ideas into reality. This farmhouse remodeling project features an elegant, modern art deco filled with bold tones. The azurite-blue velvet sofa, flanked by luxurious Exton stationary chairs rest on a delicately patterned rug, beckoning guests to bask in the sunlight.

Original Art Deco Color Palette

This large, enclosed sunroom was carefully designed and curated by the Fraiser-Martis Architects team, and it’s original Art Deco incarnate. The stunning marble tiled floor sets the stage for this harmony of white, cream, and subtle gold theme that the sunroom offers to its occupants. The glamour and elegance that bursts out of this sunroom is a testament to this company’s 80 years of combined experience and truly puts a spin on 1920’s opulence.

Integrate Colorful Rugs

The art deco sunroom ideas present in this marvelous room come from Marcelle Guilbeau herself. This gorgeous sunroom proves that original art deco design can mesh with a coastal style if conceived carefully. Original art deco features white, cream with golden undertones throughout its living areas, and this sunroom’s white walls and furniture golden support elegantly flaunt this sophisticated color palette. Glass is also frequently used in art deco design, which is why the glass center table in a sunroom (traditionally surrounded by airtight glass windows) is a genius final touch by the designer.

Elegant Polished Floors

The Four Seasons Sunrooms of Ann Arbor are the team behind these magnificent art deco sunroom ideas. With over 35 years of sunroom construction experience, there’s not much they haven’t done, but they’ve truly managed to push the boundaries in this project. This state-of-the-art modern art deco sunroom features a reflective, highly polished tiled floor, that transmits elegance right from the get-go. The absence of a fireplace allows for additional storage room, and the expertly crafted skylight allows natural light to flow until nighttime when the beautiful terracotta lightning chandelier takes over.

Final Thoughts About Art Deco Sunrooms

Sunrooms are ideal places for art deco design and experimentation. Mainly because this style already incorporates glass and other metals as part of its décor, (which is already prominent in solariums). Whether you’ve chosen original or modern art deco as your property’s interior design theme, these ideas are sure to revolutionize this unique living area. Feel free to let your creative side run wild with any of the ideas we’ve suggested for all of our art deco lovers!