All About Leather Upholstery

Posted In Knowledge - 02/10/2017

The use of leather as an upholstery fabric dates back to some of the earliest furniture designs. There’s a reason why this supple yet strong material has staying power: it looks, wears and feels great! Whether used on a sofa, loveseat, chair, sectional or ottoman, leather adds a sophisticated, luxurious look to your living room.

The first thing about a piece of leather furniture that will likely catch your eye is its classic, timeless style. Equally chic when used in traditional, transitional or contemporary designs, this fabric has a quality look that screams luxury. Leather pairs well with metal accents, whether it’s antique brass-finished nailhead trim or modern polished chrome legs. Wood in just about any finish is also a nice complement to this super fabric.

The next aspect that you’ll notice about leather upholstery is its premium quality. Naturally strong and durable, this fabric can withstand spills, punctures and heavy wear for decades, making it ideal for busy family rooms and other high traffic areas. And unlike other upholstery materials, leather is a fabric that actually improves over time. While you may find that a leather sofa is typically sold at a slightly higher price point than its fabric counterpart, you will find that your leather sofa is an investment that you can enjoy for years to come.

And lastly, you simply can’t beat the supple, glove-soft feel of premium top-grain leather upholstery. Soft, smooth and cool to the touch, leather has a unique ability to stretch yet keep its shape, making it a great choice for seating. Naturally breathable, leather quickly adjusts to changes in temperature for a comfortable feel in any season. Curl up in a leather chair in the winter to stay warm and cozy or stretch out on a leather sofa in the summer and it will feel cool against your skin. With its top of the line quality, comfort and style, it simply doesn’t get better than leather.

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