10 Parent Approved Changing Tables to Buy

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/11/2021

When you’re changing diapers up to 10 times per day, having a convenient and clean setup can make all the difference in your busy life. In that sense, changing tables are outstanding solutions that can solve storage issues long after your baby is all grown!

Every bedroom can use a touch of extra storage, and this is especially true for nursery and kid’s bedrooms. Hence, we created a selection of changing tables to buy that are perfect for baby supplies as well as storage pieces that can keep their rooms fresh and organized.

The Delta Children 2 In 1 Changing Table


The first item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is the Delta Children 2 In 1 Changing Table. This wonderful piece follows up its changing pad (safety strap included) with a fixed shelf and a bottom bin to cover all your baby’s storage needs. Its gorgeous silhouette can complement any décor while making an elegant pair with any dark or bright crib of your choosing.

DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table


The second item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is the Jenny Lind changing table from DaVinci
. Featuring a traditional design, this changing table is perfect for small nurseries that need extra storage for baby essentials. Furthermore, it comes with a safety rail that keeps your newborn safe at all times.

Helson Seaside Changing Table


The third item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is 
the Helson Seaside Pine Changing table from South Shore. This convenient 3-Drawer changing table is a perfect addition to any nursery, and it can continue to serve your little one’s room for several years. It has a clean and classic design featuring a comfortable changing station on top. It also has three spacious drawers for all of the baby’s supplies. The weathered pine finish would be perfect in a coastal-inspired nursery but it simple enough to complement any room decor you choose.

Kiernan White Dresser and Topper Set


The fourth item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is the Kiernan dresser with changing topper from Rooms To Go
. This white-finished dresser with brass hardware is perfect for modern nurseries. Its six ample drawers offer more than enough storage for baby essentials, clothing and bulky items. Its changing tray speeds up your diaper changing duties and keeps the room stylish too!

Starry Grove Changing Table


The fifth item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is the Starry Grove changing table
. This compact changing table features clean lines, a navy blue finish and adorable star embellishments on either side. Better yet - this table comes with a coordinating crib!. The surrounding safety rail secures your baby in place as you change and dress them with ease, and the two slim shelves are perfect for baskets of diapers, wipes, lotions and other baby items.

Creekside Chestnut Dresser with Changing Topper and Pad


The sixth item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is 
the Creekside dresser/topper combo. This practical piece comes with a removable changer top and six spacious drawers that help you organize your baby clothes and supplies. The solid pine construction of the Creekside dresser/topper is evident and makes this furniture perfect for any traditional or transitional home.

Delta Basic Changing Table

The seventh item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is a basic baby changing table from the Delta Children Store.
 This changer has a three-tier open-frame design, which accommodates a standard-size changing pad in its top tier, while the two lower shelves can be used to store your baby’s everyday supplies. Modern & simple, this piece favors the typical minimalism that is often seen in contemporary rooms, allowing you to enjoy as much negative space as possible within your nursery area.

Cotton Candy Changing Table


The eighth item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables is the Cotton Candy Changing Station from South Shore
. This super chic changing table/ dresser is an elegant addition to any nursery that favors a neutral color pallet. This versatile changing table features a delightful 2-tone finish and metal drop ring pull handles for a modern look. Its durable metal drawer slides with built-in stops allow you to keep lots of baby clothes, diapers and other supplies as well.

Delta Arch Top Changing Table with Wheels


The ninth item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is the Arch Top Baby Changing Table
 from Delta. This beautiful and simple changing table compliments your nursery with smooth, sophisticated clean lines that pair up well with cribs and furniture pieces of different colors. You’ll notice it comes with two shelves for storage as well as a changing pad, which can be firmly secured with its strap and buckle.

Storkcraft Alpine Changing Table


Finally, the last item on this selection of parent-approved changing tables to buy is the Alpine 
Changing Table by Storkcraft. One of the most functional and simple changing tables on the market, ideally serving small nurseries, or parents who don't feel the need for ornamental designs. Featuring a water-resistant vinyl changing pad and two spacious open shelves, this changing table will blend in perfectly with any nursery, no matter your style.

Final Thoughts on Parent-Approved Changing Tables

Decorating a nursery is part of that exciting and incredibly joyful stage of early parenthood. Getting a super safe crib, and a convenient changing table are some of the first things you’ll need for your newborn’s nursery. Thankfully many of these changing tables can be converted into full-on dressers once your baby outgrows diapers, allowing you to get the most out of your money.