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Neils Large Fabric Ottoman by Jonathan Louis Design Lab

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Transform your living space into the light and trendy retreat that you deserve with the Neils Large Fabric Ottoman by Jonathan Louis. Simply structured with stylish matching ottomans that seamlessly fit together like a puzzle, the Neils Large Fabric Ottoman offers both eloquent and transitional designs. Featuring eye-catching neutral hues, this seating ensemble will compliment your homes cozy aesthetic. The Neils Large Fabric Ottoman is part of the Jonathan Louis Design Lab, customizable and designed to mix it up and make it yours. **Forget cookie-cutter furniture and create one-of-a-king pieces that reflect your unique style in just six steps. Our in-store app makes it simple and fun. ** 1. Select Sofa or Sectional 2. Chose your Seat Comfort 3. Decide your Depth 4. Pick your Arm Style 5. Select your Legs 6. Find your Fabric *Ready to get Started? Stop in to one of our stores and ask one of our sales associates how to get started! *








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Sold by Gardner White


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