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Jerome's-gel Pedic 3.0 MP Queen Mattress

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Are you dreaming of more restful and relaxing sleep? Then allow us to introduce you to the Jerome's-gel Pedic 3.0 MP. Our luxurious memory foam mattress combines cutting-edge materials with classic comfort. This mattress's crown jewel is its comfort layer, made with Jerome's copper gel memory foam, designed to regulate body temperature throughout the night. This advanced foam has been scientifically proven to draw excess heat away from your body for an uninterrupted slumber. It absorbs pressure, so you won't have to toss and turn, allowing your muscles and joints to fully relax while you rest easy. Moving downward, a complementing transition foam serves as a buffer between your body and the mattress base materials. A layer of tri-zone pocketed coils provide much-needed durability and superior body support for additional comfort when lying down. Lastly, a foam-encased support layer ensures the complete edge of the bed remains firm, keeping you in place as you doze off into sweet dreams every night. It's time to experience blissful relaxation with Jerome's-gel Pedic 3.0 MP today! Highlights Comfort layer of Jerome's Copper Gel Memory Foam regulates temperature for a deeper sleep by drawing excess heat away from your body while absorbing pressure so you can sleep undisturbed without tossing and turning, Comfort layer of reinforcing transition foam adds a buffer between your body and the base materials, Support layer of tri-zone pocketed coils that are long-lasting and durable to enhance sleep comfort and provide superior body support, Foam encased support layer provides a firmer all-foam edge to prevent rolling off the mattress.








Sold by Jerome's Furniture



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