Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Tips and Ideas on How to Decorate a Dorm Room

How to Decorate a Dorm

Decorating a dorm room is a fine art. In addition to keeping budget in mind, there are space limitations to consider, plus the excitement of finally getting to decorate a place all your own. A few dorm room decorating ideas can help you get everything on your list while achieving a balance between affordable, practical, and chic.

Save Space

Lack of room might be the biggest challenge in decorating a dorm room. To make the most of a small floor plan, think vertically. A set of shelves on top of a wardrobe, a loft bed with space underneath for seating, or a chair that tucks under a desk can save space. Closet storage solutions like shoe racks and storage cubes are additional ways to clear some room.

Keep it Casual

Simple, useful pieces are a good investment when decorating a dorm. A foldable futon or bean bag chair are ideal items for students, as they are easy to transport, inexpensive, and serve multiple functions. When shopping for bedding, stain-resistant fabrics are long-lasting and can stand up to late-night snacking or laundry room mishaps.

Helpful Extras

Anything that eases the transition of a college freshman into university life is worth its weight in gold. LED reading lights and alarm clocks are excellent dorm room decorating ideas. To keep clutter off the desk and laundry off the floor, you can never have too many caddies and storage boxes.

Don't Forget the Flair

Light weight and easy to hang with wall-safe dorm tape, posters and tapestries will help make new students feel at home in their dorm room. Vibrant pillows and area rugs can add color and tie a theme together. Use a bright accent lamp, or whimsical wall mirror to add some glamour to the area.

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