Orchid Furniture

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Since the color purple combines both red and blue hues, decorating with orchid furniture and accents allows you to work with warm or cool tones within your palette. Take advantage of this color's unique properties to add touches of pale lavender, thistle and violet to your home decor. More

Cozy Orchid Seating

To add purple to your color scheme without overwhelming your palette, opt for furniture like comfy orchid bean bags and lounge chairs. Combine these fun, supportive seats with a shag or faux fur rug in the family room, or pick kid-sized models in cheerful magenta or fuchsia hues for bedrooms and playrooms.

Aubergine Accents and Accessories

If your palette favors earthy colors or neutral hues, you can use purple accents to boost your living room's decor. Add lilac or orchid toss pillows to a taupe or beige couch to emphasize its warmer tones. Or, choose for lavender cushions to complement a cool navy or hunter green sectional.

In the dining room, purple accent pieces are a wonderful way to accentuate table settings and add floral touches to buffets and servers. Choose sleek, sculptured orchid glass vases to coordinate with classic furnishings or opt for understated ceramic pieces for modern or minimalist layouts.

Purple Bedroom Boosters

Cottage, farmhouse and sleek contemporary bedrooms make the ideal backdrop for purple bedding. Pair an orchid comforter with an ornate canopy bed to create a charming, romantic setting. Or, consider a bright amethyst bedspread against a chic black upholstered frame to complete an edgy modern teen bedroom.