Yomut Torba

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The Cocoon Yomud Torba
The Cocoon Yomud Torba
Size: 61 x 31 cm

The Louw Yomud Torba

The Louw Yomud Torba

Age: Third quarter 19th century.

Condition: Good, with a few expert repairs, and a small (approx. 6cm x 8cm) re-woven square in bottom right corner.

Size: 1.22m x 0.43m

Structure: Double wefted, 2450 symmetrical (Turkish) knots per dm². Vertical - 7/cm, Horizontal 3.5/cm. Ratio 1:2.

Warp: Goats Hair, Z2S. Weft: red wool, double stranded, cant see how plied.

Colors: 7. Dark brown/maroon, light brown, red, turquoise, black, light ivory/white; creamy ivory/yellow (last two clearly different, not from fading, look at the tuning forks at the end of the minor gul for this).

Design: The main field consists of twelve "torba guls", arranged in four rows of three. Particularly beautiful are the clear drawing and use of turquoise in the center of eight of the guls.

The secondary gul used in the field is unusual, and points to the tremendous diversity within linguistic/cultural groupings such as the Yomud. The arrangement of the secondary guls suggests an infinite repeat.

The main border consists of a sequence of stylized shrubs, each drawn within a square skirt with, alternatively, a red, dark brown, or red base.

Antique Yomut Family Torba with Rare Asmalyk Design 

Antique Yomut Family Torba with Rare Asmalyk Design

Size: 38.1cm(H) x 86.4cm(W) / 1'3"(H) x 2'10"(W)

Region: Central Asia, Turkmen Yomut

Item Type: Rugs and Carpets

Period / Date: 19th century (1850 - 1875)

Other Colours: aubergine, ivory, midnight blue, blue green, madder red, yellow

Structure / Technique: symmetric knots, 9H X 19V

Condition: Excellent

Comments On Condition: Full, dense pile, mostly original selveges with some sections re-wrapped, small pale blue stain in warp finish at bottom.

Yomut torba circa 1890
Yomut torba circa 1890

Measurements:106cm by 41cm., 3ft. 6in. by 1ft. 4in



117 x 53cm.

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