Turkmen Rugs and Carpets
Yilan Beshir or Beshir Yilan
Yilan Beshir or Beshir Yilan
Detail from The Stephen Louw Ersari Beshir

Yilan Beshir or Beshir Yilan - (not Ersari or Beshir Cloudband) - yilan=snakeHere we see a rug pattern that in the trade is often called a Cloud Band bashir. The proper term is a Yilan Beshir. Yilan is Turkmen for snake. The pattern strikes me as a flower and other people as a cloud band. However the Turkmen see it as a Yilan Beshir.

This page is part of a cooperative project with Seyitguly Batyrov of Turkmen Carpets Online to give a proper spelling of common Turkmen terms used in describing rugs.
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