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Josheghan is one of the oldest centers of continuous weaving in Iran. If I recall correctly in the Survey of Persian Art Arthur Upham Pope wrote about Josheghan. That there had been weaving in Josheghan since before the Afghan invasion that deeply disrupted much of the Safavid era carpet weaving for export.

This leaves a bit of a conundrum. How could the small Iranian town of Josheghan-e-Qali produce enough carpets to have the signifagence in Safavid times that the record indicate. This is actually simpler than many rug experts would make it. Josheghan-e-Qali has been superceded by Meymeh as the market center for that region. Why? The simple answer is that the major highway from Tehran to Isfahan bypasses Josheghan-e-Qali and runs through Meymeh. Before Tehran was an impotant city Josheghan-e-Qali was on the more important road south from Kashan to Isfahan. Only after Tehran became the Capital of Iran did Meymeh superced Josheghan-e-Qali as the dominant market center for that region. 

Also spelled: Josheghan, Josheghan-e-Qali, Joshagan, Joshagan, Djaushegan

Joshagan carpet Late 19th C.

inscription cartouche at one end bearing the signature of 'Manutschehr Khan' 

Joshegan, Persia early 20th or late 19th century. 4 foot 5 inch by 6 foot 9 inch.
Structure: Asymmetrical knot open right. 9 knots per horizontal inch and 8 knots per vertical inch. 72 per square inch (1116 per square decimeter)

Yarn Spin: Z.

Warp: Cotton, white.

Weft: Cotton 2 shot. rigid white, sinuous blue.

Pile: 2 Wool singles.

Ends: Reduced, warp fringe.

Selvages: Overcast with blue wool slight reduction in width(maybe as much as 3/8s inch.

Further Notes: The dyes look very good. Condition is low showing some signs of wears The rug is reduced on the edges. As can be seen reduction is worst in lower right corner.

Rezvani Josheghan Rug 12'x8' Ca. 1920

ANTIQUE__DJAUSHEGAN__12'x8'__Ca. 1900 (s157) Item number: 3770282471
Rezvani Oriental Rugs

ANTIQUE__DJAUSHEGAN__12'x8'__Ca. 1920
Made in Iran
City/Tribe of Origin Djaushegan
Size (feet) 12.17x8.30
Size (cm) 371x253
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool

Rezvani Josheghan Rug 12'x9' Ca. 1920

ANTIQUE__DJAUSHEGAN__12'x9'_Ca. 1920 (S387) Item number: 7339440760
Rezvani Oriental Rugs
Made in Iran
City/Tribe of Origin Djaushegan
Age 20th Century (Ca. 1920 - 1930)
Size (feet) 12' x 9'
Size (cm) 366 x 276
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool

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