Shah Tahmasp Safavi

Shah Tahmasp:
  • Second Safavi Shah, reigned 1524 - 1576.
  • Son of Shah Ismail; was called Sam Mirza till he became Shah.
  • In over 50 years, he stabilized the borders and created modern Persia.
  • Shah Tahmasp moved the capital southward to Qazvin.
  • In 1534, Hosayn Khan-e Shamlu attempted to overthrow Shah Tahmasp and put his brother Sam Mirza on the throne.

Detail Portrait of A Prince
Detail: "Portrait of A Prince." I attribute this to Aqa Mirak and I believe it is a portrait of Shah Tahmasp.

Detail "Portrait of the Prince"
Detail "Two Safavid Princes"
Here are two more portraits of Shah Tahmasp. The man on the right in the bottom image is Aqa Mirak.

The Perez Topkapi Prayer Rug
The oldest Mashhad rugs that I know of are a group of prayer rugs that were given by Shah Tahmasp to Suleyman the Magnificent in 1556. The rugs were made in three grades by the workshop of Sultan Ibrahim Mirza son of Sam Mirza and nephew of Shah Tahmasp. The top grade or Imperial grade was the finest and one of those rugs was in London two years ago and I believe is now in the hands of art collector Sheikh Saud Al-Thani of Qatar. Several of the second and third grade examples are still in the Topkapi Museum.