La Miniature En Orient Plate 61: Shah Tahmasp

La Miniature En Orient
Plate 61: Shah Tahmasp

La Miniature En Orient Plate 61: Shah Tahmasp?
Plate 61. Persia, circa 1530, Sultan Mohammed, Collection of H. Vever.

La Miniature En Orient by Ernst Kuhnel 1925

Detached miniature formerly in the collection of Bourgeois and Sambon. The figure reads a book whose open page contains poetic praise of the beauty of his face, comparing it with that of Joseph. As we do not possess a portrait of Tahmasp Shah, the identity of the character is not absolute. However it is not contested by the qualified literature. The piece is ascribed to but not signed by Sultan Mohammed. In the original painting the top and bottom border margins contains calligraphy.

Translator's Note:

This is a familiar picture that is well known as "A Reclining Prince" the cover picture and Plate 65 in "A Jewelers Eye" a wonderful book on the Vever collection which is now in the Freer gallery of the Smithsonian.

Attribution: Following Lowery and Neemazee Aqa Mirak Tabriz, Circa 1530

Lowery, Glenn D. and Nemazee Susan. A Jeweler's Eye. Washington DC: Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Smithsonian Institution, University of Washington Press, 1988. Cover, Page 194 -5, plate 65
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