Drop Down Flowers in 16th Century Persian Art

I tend to focus on very small details in my assessments leading to attribution. By studying the miniatures over and over, little things begin to stand out and give me clues to search for. I noticed that it is common in the sixteenth century to show flowers that appear to be growing out from under rocks. However, I noticed that in certain pictures the flowers grow down as well as up. So far, I have identified two types: Group One, which I tentatively attribute to Abdullah, and Group Two, which I tentatively attribute to Shaykh Muhammad.

Drop Down Flowers, Group One

Detail: "Vision of Angels"
Detail - "Vision of Angels"

Detail: Signed Frontispiece Divan of Hafiz, 1581 - 1586
Detail Signed Frontispiece Divan of Hafiz, 1581 - 1586
Description: Signed by Abdollah-e Mozahheb and dated 1581.

Detail: "Soloman and Bilqis"
Detail "Soloman and Bilqis"
Origin: Attributed to Abdollah by Soudavar.

Detail: "The Flight of the Tortoise"
Detail "The Flight of the Tortoise"

Detail: "Old Man in a Landscape"
Detail "Old Man in a Landscape"
Description: Signed by Abdollah and dated 1564-1565.