Gabistan Shirvan Rugs


19th C. Maraza Gabistan Shirvan Rug
19th C. Maraza Gabistan Shirvan Rug
Origin: East Caucasus, late 19th century

7ft. x 3ft.4in. (2.13m. x 1.02m.)

Description: Overall even wear, slightly heavier in places, slight losses at both ends and sides. A rare design type.

Late 19th Ct. Tachte Shirvan Rug
A late 19th ct. Tachte Shirvan rug
Origin: Caucasus, late 19th century

Size: 168 x 111 cm.

Condition: Slight losses to pile, minor restorations.

Shirvan Gabistan Pattern Rug
Shirvan Gabistan Pattern Rug
Age: First quarter, 20th century

Dimensions: 5ft.4in. X 3ft.5in. (164 cm X 108 cm)

Knots: Symmetric, short clipped pile

Density: H 30/10cm V36/10cm 1080/dm²; H 7-8/pi V 9/pi 67-68/psi

Warps: White wool, Z2S, no depression, flat back, slightly rigid.

Wefts: Mostly white cotton 2 shoots; at some places white cotton + tan wool, 3 shoots.

Selvage: Flat selvage, 2 cords of 2 warps, overcast with white cotton in figure eight

Colors: Natural, white, light beige, light green, brick red, medium and dark marine blue, dark brown. Blue abrash in the field.

Description: According to Wright & Wertime, "this design is distinctive of Maraza village … the place name was probably derived from the nomadic group whose principal encapment was in the vicinity… This design, also the source of many prayer rugs, features recognisable thrones and what appear to be gates, in a composition called Gabistan …"

Shirvan Gabistan Pattern Rug

Shirvan Gabistan Pattern Rug