Silver 8x10 Area Rugs

Silver Colored 8 by 10 Rugs

Highlight the beauty of your floors and furnishings by including a silver 8x10 area rug in your layout. Whether you choose a light gray carpet with bold, ornate patterns or a more subdued design, this striking hue can have a big impact on your palette. Cloud-gray or pewter rugs create instant contrast against the rich tones and natural variations of hardwood flooring and add texture to smooth tile surfaces.

Silver 8x10 area rugs also protect and cushion floors. In entryways and living rooms, these carpets shield hardwood surfaces from shoe scuffs and pet claws, with the added bonus of giving your dog or cat a soft place to rest. In a child's playroom, a plush silver 8x10 area rug makes play more comfortable. Large rugs offer extra padding and insulation for laminate floors in kitchens or laundry rooms, too.