Extension Tables

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Searching for the perfect table for your next outdoor event? From casual backyard barbeques to chic dinner parties under the stars, get-togethers are a breeze when you have an outdoor extension table. With their spacious, extendable tops, these tables provide ample room for all of your family and friends to pull up a chair. More

The More the Merrier

This selection of patio extension tables features an array of options to best suit your needs and lifestyle. Single or double leaf inserts ensure that you'll have plenty of space to lay out a feast when you host the neighborhood potluck. For even more convenience, choose a model with self-storing leaves for easier cleanup and storage between gatherings.

The Perfect Price Tag

In addition to their other perks, outdoor extension tables are also affordable. You can find extendable patio tables under $3000, $2000 and $1000, making it easy to find a piece to fit your budget. With so many available pricing options, you're sure to find an affordable table for your deck.

Stylish Selections

Patio extension tables come in a variety of designs to coordinate with your outdoor decor. Keep it classic with a traditional trestle base table, or go for a coastal look with a light wood model featuring plank details. For a sleek, modern aesthetic, look for tables with matte-black metal frames.

Timeless Materials

Constructed for practical and sturdy materials such as solid wood, these extendable outdoor tables can stand the test of time. Teak resists UV rays and moisture, so it continues to look great even after years of use. Many styles are also naturally resistant to mold and wood-boring pests, promoting long-lasting durability.