Mattress Dimensions

Dimensions of Common Mattresses

When looking to replace old mattresses or purchase new ones, consumers should know the differences between one mattress type and another. Realistically, a wealth of mattress options exist on the market. Some offer more support, while others provide comfort and contour. Aside from the materials used to make mattresses, the biggest variance between a king mattress and a crib mattress is the obvious difference in size. With measurements allowing to sleep two fully grown, larger adults to mattresses whose lengths and widths accommodate babies, several choices exist on the market.

How long or how wide consumers should purchase mattresses largely relates to the personal needs of each shopper. Dimensions vary. The best mattress for one individual or couple may not represent the best option for others. People on the market for mattresses should take measurements and consult mattress size charts in order to make well-informed decisions. Mattresses often carry substantial price tags, and the more informed consumers stand when making final decisions, the better the chance shoppers walk away with exactly the right choice.


Typically, the smallest available mattress dimensions found on include crib mattress options. Crib mattresses typically run about 27.5" in width by 52" in length to accommodate smaller baby units. Also on the smaller end of the scale are twin mattresses. Typical twin mattress dimensions run 38" by 75". The mattress dimensions of twin models increase when looking at extra long (XL) models, which run 38" by 80" to give occupants more length without sacrificing space laterally. A dual king (two twin xl mattresses) is equivalent to the size of a standard king.


As bed sizes increase, mattress dimensions swell to 54" by 75" for full size mattresses. The full size mattress dimensions featured on collection are perfect for couples or individuals looking for more room to relax.


The largest models sold on our site consist of queen and king size options. Average queen mattress dimensions provide 60" by 80" of space for occupants to share or take up solitarily. King mattress dimensions include two models: traditional king and California king. Traditional king models feature mattress dimensions of 76" in width by 80" in length, which prove ideal for taller occupants who enjoy more space while sleeping or resting. California king mattress dimensions represent the longest mattress size generally available on the consumer market and span 72" by 84".