Definition of Independent Coil

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is an Independent Coil?

A type of innerspring support, independent coil constructions use free-moving coils. Also referred to as Marshall coils and pocket coils, independent coils provide contouring, highly responsive support. Connected only to the base of the support system, independent coils can move freely back and forth and to the sides. This freedom allows for excellent motion isolation because force does not ripple through a series of interconnected coils. On an independent coil mattress, one partner can move around without disturbing the other.

Independent coil is a premium choice when shopping for mattresses with innerspring support. In addition to providing customized support and superior motion isolation, independent coil systems tend to last longer than regular innerspring mattresses. Independent coil mattresses are usually more expensive than mattresses with other coil designs.