Definition of Headboard

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is a Headboard?

A headboard is an upright panel situated at the end of the bed where the head rests. Typically made from metal or wood, the headboard usually attaches to the frame. Though not essential for a mattress, the headboard helps keep pillows in place. Upholstered headboards provide that additional benefit of a comfortable backrest when sitting up in bed. Some headboards may include shelving or cabinetry for storing books and essential bedside items.

In addition to function, the headboard makes a bed look complete and adds a decorative element to the room. In fact, when designing a bedroom's decor, the headboard is often the most essential item in establishing a particular look. The headboard serves as the focal point of the room and is often the first thing to draw the eye when someone enters the bedroom. Common bed styles to use headboards include upholstered, sleigh, slat, poster, and panel.