Definition of Gusset

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is a Gusset?

A sewn finish that makes bedding more durable, a gusset is a construction type typically used for pillows, comforters, upholstery layers, and mattress toppers. Rather than stitching the top and bottom, a gusset adds a two-inch-wide side panel around the boarder. This strengthens the edges and corners where pieces may separate.

A gusset not only protects bedding materials but makes them a bit more comfortable. Adding two inches of lift, gusseted materials feel fuller and offer better stability. Some manufacturers claim that gusset pillows and mattress toppers are better for side sleepers, who generally want softer cushioning.


A term describing a bedding item with a gusset finish. A gusseted item features a sewn-in panel of fabric that allows for additional padding. Mattress toppers are commonly gusseted to provide additional comfort at the sleep surface. Pillows and comforters also regularly utilize the gusseted design to provide better comfort.

A gusseted mattress topper offers more lift than regular designs, and users claim it gives beds a cloud-like feel. When compared to typical mattress toppers, gusseted mattress toppers generally feel more cushioned and provide additional stability. Side sleepers, who generally prefer softer beds with more cushioning, often seek out gusseted mattress toppers. In addition to providing additional comfort, gusseted mattresses are a bit more durable than those with standard mattress toppers.