Definition of Bamboo

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is Bamboo?

A plant with a hollow, wood-like stem. The fastest-growing plant on earth, bamboo serves as an ideal material for creating wood and textile products. Some mattresses utilize bamboo-infused fabric for its hypoallergenic qualities. The material is naturally resistant to bacteria and dust mites and remains easy to clean. Bamboo mattresses also appeal to individuals interested in organic products.

Bamboo Fabric

Cloth made from the pulp of bamboo grass that is strong, light, and soft, bamboo fabric continues to grow in popularity. Some mattress manufacturers use the fabric for its natural defense against microorganisms such as dust mites, bacteria, and fungus. Bamboo fabric serves particularly helpful for controlling odor-causing bacteria.

Mattress manufacturers also choose to use bamboo fabric for its unique ability to regulate temperatures on sleeping surfaces. Bamboo absorbs more than three times its weight in water, and bamboo fabric can pull or wick moisture away from the skin so it may evaporate. The material is also breathable and keeps the sleep surface cool and comfortable by allowing ample airflow. Bamboo fabric's inherent insulation properties allow the material to feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.