When Should You Buy a Mattress?

Is Your Current Mattress Old or Worn?

When considering whether to buy a mattress, consumers should take into account how long they've owned their current mattress. If your model is eight or more years old, it is almost certainly time to purchase a new one. Additionally, if you notice visible signs of wear and tear or sagging, you should start your search for a new mattress.

Is Your Current Mattress Uncomfortable?

Other signs to look out for when you're concerned it's time to replace your mattress are muscle aches, pain, and numbness in the morning. Tossing and turning throughout the night can be a sign that your current mattress is no longer providing the support you need. Finally, shoppers should take sale periods, like holiday weekends and end-of-year specials, into account in order to find the best deals on mattresses. Keep an eye out for overstock and closeout sales, as well.