How Long Does the Average Mattress Last?

Frequently Asked Question

Factors Affecting Mattress Lifespan

The average mattress usually lasts anywhere from eight to 10 years. However, factors like quality, care, and lifestyle all play a part in your mattress's longevity. Researching both the brand and the retailer of choice for consumer ratings before making purchases gives you a better idea of how long to expect your mattress to stick around. Customers buying a high-quality mattress made with premium materials can expect it to last longer.

Care Techniques to Prolong the Life of Your Mattress

Additionally, how you take care of your mattress plays a vital role in how long it will last. Rotating a mattress once a year helps reduce general wear and tear or body impressions. Refraining from drinking liquids like juice and wine in bed prevents stains and bolsters mattress integrity. Finally, lifestyle changes, such as weight gain or loss, and tossing and turning can affect the mattress's durability.