iComfort Mattress

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Model Information

Model NameSupport TypeMattress HeightComfort
CF1000Hybrid - Memory Foam/Gel Foam10 inchesMedium
CF2000Hybrid - Memory Foam/Gel Foam11.5 inchesFirm
CF3000Hybrid - Memory Foam/Gel Foam11.5 inchesFirm

iComfort® Mattresses by Serta®

Fall in love with one of the most advanced sleep systems on the market. Serta® iComfort® mattresses meet your expectations by conforming to your body. Memory foam and hybrid models contour to your shape and relieve pressure all over, while also offering the perfect amount of support. Because they absorb partner movement, you'll sleep undisturbed throughout the night. Whether you're shopping for a child or as a couple in need of extra space, these mattresses come in sizes from twin to California king. Get a proper night's rest every time with an iComfort mattress.

Guide to Buying Popular iComfort Models & Products

In order to create a more innovative sleep experience, nationally renowned mattress manufacturer Serta came up with the pioneering iComfort mattress. Utilizing and combining both remarkable support and cooling gel to make a premium memory foam, the iComfort mattress allows sleepers to experience the best of two worlds. The memory foam mattress gives each individual an extremely comfortable and supportive sleep surface, all while helping to reduce any heat build-up commonly associated with traditional memory foam mattresses. During construction of the mattress, Serta uses millions of tiny gel beads, which offer unique, cooling support where you need it most and provide muscle relaxation, reinvigoration, and increased airflow to help disperse heat while sleeping. The iComfort mattress remains built to last, as the mattress company tests each bed in order to deliver incomparable comfort for years to come.

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Where to buy iComfort Mattresses

At Furniture.com, we are proud to offer a variety of Serta iComfort mattresses for our customers to choose from. Available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, the renowned mattresses come in various styles and models to best fit your needs. We offer each iComfort mattress individually or as part of a set and even provide low-profile options for those who prefer their beds near the ground. Be sure to check out our wide selection in order to start getting the ultimate in comfortable sleep from the Serta iComfort mattress.