Rainbow Bedroom

Rainbow Bedding, Room Decor, Etc.

For kids that color with every crayon in the box, rainbow bedrooms are a perfect choice. Match your child’s vibrant personality with rainbow furniture in dazzling hues from red, yellow and blue bunk beds to pink and purple rocking chairs. Also, color-coordinated organizers are fun accessories that make it easy for children to sort toys and art supplies. More

Send little ones off to sleep wrapped in rainbows with our range of bold bedding. This broad selection includes pastel quilts for a sweet and cheerful nursery as well as chic, tie-dye comforters to suit a modern teen’s tastes. Simply toss some plush, multicolored pillows and throws on top for a rainbow bedroom that's as cozy as it is colorful.

Vivid decor brings excitement and energy to every corner of rainbow bedrooms. Add colorful graphics to the walls using artwork and decals, or dress up the floors with bright rugs and mats. Neon benches, night lights and curtains complete the theme. Your kid will be tickled pink, and green, and orange when they see their new rainbow bedroom.