Minecraft Bedroom

Minecraft Bedding, Blankets, Bed Sets & Plush Toys

Bring your child's favorite pixelated world to life with Minecraft bedrooms. Our selection features bedding and decor in the game's dark green camouflage palette, as well as popular creeper and zombie prints from the hit franchise. Whether you want to add a few decorative stickers to the walls or create an entire new world, there's something for every player level. More

Switch to creative mode using Minecraft bedroom decor. You can stack your little one's inventory with a few colorful themed throw pillows featuring diamond swords and TNT decals. If they have trouble keeping their blocks in order, a Minecraft bedroom hamper keeps everything nice and tidy.

After a long day of mining ore, your explorer's shelter will feel super cozy with Minecraft bedroom sets. Plush blankets and quilts provide your young world-builder with a place to dream of new structures and scenery. For kids who love to go dungeon diving with their friends, a sleepover set complete with game graphics is the perfect choice.