Kids Dog Bedroom

Dog & Puppy Themed Bedrooms

Surprise the young pet lover in your life with a dog bedroom motif. Bedding sets in canine-themed prints are perfect for snuggling in and settling down at the end of the day. Choose plush throws, soft sheets and fluffy pillows to help their room feel comfy and inviting. In sizes ranging from toddler to king, you'll find linens for kids of all ages. More

Our selection of dog bedroom decor is bound to include your child's favorite pooch. Browse a variety of fun wall art featuring bulldogs, labs and other breeds. Dachshund-shaped hooks offer a playful way to organize stray scarves or jackets, too. You can also spruce up a cozy reading nook with a corgi lamp and some puppy book ends.

Area rugs make a great accessory for dog bedrooms. Consider using them as a playmat or a place for a real furry best friend to snooze. Whether you opt for paw print patterns or portraits, these themed mats add whimsy and warmth to any design. Look for round and rectangular rugs that fit the room's unique layout for an adorable and practical finishing touch.