Charlie Brown & Snoopy Bedroom

Charlie Brown & Snoopy Sheets, Bedding, Decor, Etc.

Inspire your children's imagination with a Charlie Brown bedroom. Send them off to dreamland tucked beneath thick comforters that celebrate the bond between a boy and his dog. Choose from soft colorful sheets featuring Snoopy and Woodstock playing sports or going camping. Even the littlest fans can enjoy crib bedding in this whimsical motif. More

Browse the Charlie Brown bedroom selection to find other linens perfect for a Peanuts-themed room. Select decorative throws with scenes from the comics or iconic holiday specials. Slumber sets and nap mats make it easy to get ready for the next big adventure. As a special treat, surprise your child with a cozy blanket to cuddle just like Linus.

Accessories offer a great way to complete the look of Charlie Brown bedrooms. Accent lamps, framed prints, and wall decals add playful vibes and help kids imagine that they're part of the gang. When it's time to rest, the warm glow of a nightlight and a plush Snoopy toy make them feel safe and secure. Opt for characters they know and love to bring classic, wholesome fun to your child's space.