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The Best in Kids Rugs

Frilly or sporty, based on beloved story characters or filled with furry favorites—adding a kids rug to your child’s room takes the edge off all of the hard furnishings and creates a welcoming look that is just their own.

Whether you highlight their interests or key off their favorite color combinations, adding an area rug to their floor can soften your little one’s floor and brighten their day. Let’s face it, kids spend an awful lot of time on the floor—playing with toys and games, building creations, horsing around or hanging out. What better way is there to cushion the blow of rambunctious moments as well as add comfort to every-day activities? The boost in their space's color and creativity is an added bonus. Tie the rug colors into the same schemes as your child's wall decor and bedding.

Playrooms make a perfect landing place for a themed rug. Tie into their unique personality and accent the things that make them who they are and who they hope to be. Put together a cozy spot to curl up next to a bookshelf or create a furnished room-with-a-room with an area rug inside the bottom of your little princess’s tent loft.

Have an avid zoologist or veterinarian? A budding astronaut or astronomer? Or how about a super sports fan or burgeoning athlete? There are so many fun themes to explore, you are certain to find just the right fit for your little dreamer.

Looking for a more mellow approach? Choose something in the right shades with a compelling pattern instead. These rugs have the potential to be a favorite for many years to come.

Tweens and teens can find options that speak their language as well. Vibrant patterns, city skylines or kitschy memorabilia—the sky’s the limit.