Wood Loft Beds

Kids Wood Loft Beds

There’s a reason kids wooden loft beds dominate the market. Sturdy and damage-resistant, wood stands up to the lively playtimes of rambunctious young kids. As the durability of the material combats dents, scratches, and cracks, wood loft beds generally remain in like-new condition even after prolonged use. Though wooden options tend to come with higher price tags, the years of superior usefulness balance out the cost. Conversely, shoppers who do not intend to make use of the bed for more than a few years should look to different materials.

Given the diversity of wood finishes, loft beds constructed from the versatile material tend to fit in easily with a wide range of bedroom decor. Ultimately, anyone looking to save space and sleep soundly on a piece of furniture that will last for years should consider a wooden loft bed.

Our beds includes perfect options for any age, from young children to young adults. Many of our wood loft beds for younger kids feature themed tents and slides, while shoppers who place more of a priority on saving space may wish to take advantage of our selections with integrated chests of drawers instead.