Black, Brown & Gray Dining Room

Black, Brown & Gray Color Schemes for Dining Room Furniture & Decor

Brown, black and gray dining room sets run the gamut from sleek and sophisticated to plush and cozy. Brown brings a dash of warmth and character to spaces with a grayscale palette. Rich wooden tables and chairs are a smart choice to liven up black and gray dining rooms, but there are plenty of options to suit any taste.

Ciara Dining Room Set
picture of the Ciara Espresso Dining Room Set
Round, black glasstop table with matching chairs covered in dark brown upholstery, all arranged on a gray area rug.

Sophisticated designs don't have to feel stuffy or staid. The espresso black table pictured above with matching dark brown chairs feel clean and chic against the cement gray floor and patterned rug. This is, in part, due to the set's sleek, clean lines, which are mirrored by the black and white wall art.

Del Mar Dining Set
picture of the Del Mar dining room set with brown chairs
Round glasstop table with black legs, surrounded by matching chairs upholstered in brown fabric and paired with a gray and blue patterned rug.

With its sculpted base, this mocha and black dining room set brings an artistic touch to the room pictured here. The contrast between the dark furniture, gray washed wood floors and sky blue walls helps highlight the lines and textures of each piece in the set. Using this kind of contrast effectively spotlights luxury fabrics like the velvety upholstery of these chairs.

Del Mar Dining Room Set
picture of the Del Mar dining set with gray chairs
Round glasstop table with ebony legs, paired with matching chairs upholstered in gray fabric and arranged on a brown patterned rug.

The warm and cool hues in this gray and brown dining room are a great example of creating color balance. Matching soft gray chairs with the stone-colored accent wall creates a fun, layered look when combined with the dark wood table and latte-brown rug. Pops of black in the rug pattern and iron accessories add dimension. The resulting space is warm and inviting as well as cool and sophisticated.

Farmington Hills Dining Room Set
picture of the Farmington Hills dining room set
Black dining room table topped with light brown wood, surrounded by matching black chairs with seat cushions upholstered in light gray fabric.

Mixing accent colors into black, brown and gray decor can also create an appealing design. Soft country blue curtains and flowers turn up the rustic charm of this black and brown dining room table. Gray walls and a beige rug provide the perfect neutral backdrop.

Hill Creek Dining Set
picture of the Hill Creek dining room set
Black counter-height dining room table with matching chairs covered in gray upholstery, set in a room with light brown floors and walls.

Traditional meets trendy in this well-appointed gray dining room. A charcoal counter-height table set pairs with an eggshell rug and light oak floors for a relaxing yet elegant vibe. Precise nail head detailing as well as mixed silver and gold accents bring a sleek, contemporary edge to this classic design.

Hillside Cottage Dining Room Set
picture of the Hillside Cottage dining room set
Black dining room table with brown wood tabletop, paired with high-back chairs adorned with gray chair covers, all on a lighter brown rug.

Need practical, stylish seating for your gray and brown dining room? Fitted seat covers are a great way to protect furniture from messes or refresh the look of your dining set. In this example, gray slipcovers against rich accents, like the camel rug, brown tabletop and ebony table legs, give this rustic dining set a crisp, contemporary twist.

Orland Park Dining Set
picture of the Orland Park dining room set
Round wood dining table with black legs and a tabletop with a rich brown finish, paired with cushioned chairs upholstered in gray fabric.

When trying to pick a color palette, take into account unique features of the room itself. In the space pictured, a washed red-brown brick wall provides the inspiration for the choice of a two-tone brown and black dining room set and amber-colored accents. Steel-gray chairs add elegance while letting warm tones take center stage.

Valleyside Dining Room Set
picture of the Valleyside dining room set
Wooden dining room table and matching chairs with an oak brown finish and black upholstered seat cushions, set on a gray area rug.

With brown tables, chairs and floors, it's easy to lose the proper balance between colors. This is a particular challenge in dining rooms because so many traditional sets have natural wood finishes.

The dining set above features predominantly warm wood tones accented with black upholstered seats. Adding a putty-gray area rug is an easy way to break up this kind of space. Not only does the rug make your design more interesting, but contrasting rich brown with soft gray allows the beauty of each piece's unique wood grain to shine.

Cindy Crawford Dining Set
Picture of the Cindy Crawford dining room set.
Rectangular black and brown dining table with matching chairs, set on a brown and gray rug.

Equal parts classic and casual; this stunning pewter gray dining room suite is perfect for a formal dinner party or a cheerful family game night. The wood seats and tabletop balance beautifully with the tawny brown rug and oak flooring.

Adelson Dining Room Set
Picture of the Adelson dining room set.
Brown rectangular dining table with a matching bench, dining chairs upholstered with a black leather material, set on a beige rug over a gray floor in a gray room.

Enhance the look of multitoned woodgrain in a brown dining room set by giving it a cool backdrop of crisp gray and powder white. Against a neutral background, warmer tones always steal the show.

A Warm Blend

Whether you're looking for chic and tailored or fun and cozy, decorating a dining room with black, brown and gray can be so effortless it might feel a bit like cheating. Using woodgrain as well as existing elements in the room, layering colors and textures, or just creating harmonious spaces is easy with this combination of warm and neutral tones.