Rooms To Go vs. IKEA

Comparing Rooms To Go and IKEA

Rooms To Go vs. IKEA

It's important to do thorough research before choosing where to shop. Rooms To Go and IKEA both carry a diverse range of products to fulfill your design vision. You can compare the similarities and differences between the two by looking at important factors like location, style, and delivery options.


Shoppers can take advantage of both retailers' online stores. For those who prefer to shop in-person, Rooms To Go has over 200 showrooms throughout the southern U.S. and Puerto Rico. On the other hand, IKEA has hundreds of locations worldwide, over 50 of which are in the United States.

Style and Selection

Both brands sell quality pieces, but there are some key differences between Rooms To Go and IKEA when it comes to selection and style.

Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go sells an array of products that complement any style. The brand also has several lines of celebrity-inspired and designed collections. From rustic to contemporary, the company has home decor and furnishings for:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Outdoors
  • Kids rooms


IKEA specializes in the Swedish approach to modern, minimalist, and industrial designs. In addition to carrying furniture for every area of the home, this retailer has an extensive selection of appliances and storage solutions. You can also find home goods, including kitchen utensils, cookware and dinnerware, decor, as well as lighting.


Some customers prefer the convenience of having purchases delivered straight to their home or office. Rooms To Go and IKEA have differing policies to accommodate customers, so you should familiarize yourself before making a decision.

Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go serves around 20 states across the nation, primarily in the south. Costs depend on location and the size of the items. If you live within the area, you can opt to have skilled employees assemble your furniture. Additionally, some products qualify for free standard shipping.


IKEA bases shipping prices on the weight of the furniture and your distance from the nearest showroom. The company has a flat rate for online and in-store shoppers which includes front door delivery on small accessories and in-room placement on oversized pieces.


When deciding between Rooms To Go or IKEA, the warranty options can be a determining factor. Both offer limited warranties to protect purchases. While Rooms To Go has one-year plans to cover manufacturing defects, IKEA guarantees most products with coverage spanning from 5 to 25 years.

Cancellations & Returns

You can cancel orders up to three days before the estimated arrival date at Rooms To Go, excluding orders with express and next day delivery. Likewise, buyers can return items within 48 hours of receiving them. Alternatively, IKEA patrons can make returns within a year with a receipt. Items should look like-new to receive a refund.

Is Rooms To Go or IKEA Right for You?

There are plenty of differences between Rooms To Go and IKEA, so you should take some time to weigh your options. Both strive to provide quality home furnishings and excellent customer service, but local availability and decor styles vary. Take all of this into consideration in order to make an informed choice.