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Perigold Luxury Home Furniture

Perigold: Luxury Furniture for Refined Tastes

Perigold gathers a wide variety of pieces that range from furniture, rugs, and tabletop items to bath and bedding decors. Some of their best collections incorporate eye-catching patterns, shapes and bold colors capable of energizing a room overnight. From high-impact furniture to upscale furnishing and accessories, Perigold collections have something for everyone!

History of Perigold Luxury Home Furniture

Perigold launched in 2017 as part of the Wayfair furniture brand family, expanding their already massive catalog and venturing into high-end furniture lines and decor. The brand has curated collections that turn it into a singular destination for lovers of the creatively refined.

By working with cutting-edge innovators and incorporating heritage-rich decorating options, Perigold mirrored Wayfair’s successful e-commerce platform to turn into one of the best online furniture stores today.

The Perigold Luxury Furniture Collection

Find some small pieces of the Perigold catalog hand-picked to reveal some of their best styles. From high-impact furniture to upscale furnishing and accessories, these collections have something for everyone!

The Perigold Pine Cone Hill Collection

The first collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is the Pine Cone Hill Collection from Perigold.


The Pine Cone Collection features the exclusive work of designer Annie Selke. Her passion for pleasurable home spaces and quality of life defines each of these pieces, ranging from robes and curtains to furniture and beddings. The picture above showcases the Pine Cone Hill Collection’s Antigua Set.

Annie envisioned a set that combined with rustic woodcuts bed frames. The blue duvet, cream dyed ties shams, and rectangular pillows follow a beautiful floral theme perfect for your bedroom. The Antigua set no doubt features some of the best bedroom design ideas in the brand’s catalog.

The Perigold Lexington Collection

The second collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is the Lexington Collection from Perigold.


Lexington is one of the oldest furniture brands with international manufacturing of our days, with more than a century producing furniture collections, their catalog can match traditional and classical styles as well as updated modern, contemporary, and chic interior design trends.

The picture above showcases the Ariana Dining Set, from the Modern and chic-inspired Lexington Collection. It features a Chateau extendable dining table, two upholstered table-end silver-gray chairs, and up to 8 Bellamy silver-gray dining chairs. The set embodies modern styling with a touch of chic contemporary appeal, as the tabletop misty gray color adequately blends with the chair’s silver-gray fabric.

The Perigold Bernhardt Collection

The third collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is the Bernhardt Collection from Perigold.


The picture above showcases the Faux Carrera Marble Top Coffee Table, from Bernhardt’s Morello Catalogue of Accent furniture. Perfect for Art Deco and Contemporary styled living rooms, this coffee table pairs excellently with the numerous cream, gray, and white-colored living room sets that the Perigold Bernhardt Collection presents to their customers.

This classy coffee table comes with a shelf and a solid steel frame in Oxidized Nickel finish, which includes adjustable glides for leveling. Furthermore, its oval shape and light gray veining make it the classy, standalone piece that makes a living room shine.

The Perigold Hooker Furniture Collection

The third collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is the Hooker Furniture Collection from Perigold.


The Hooker Furniture Collection pays homage to classical interior design styles and is therefore known for its elegance, lightness of touch, as well as evoking a Greco-Roman sense of aesthetic beauty. For home offices, this collection brings us the emblematic Palisade Writing Desk: its design pays homage to Roman Consuls Curul Chairs and Late empire Scriptoriums, both iconic furniture pieces that shaped Western world history.

The Palisade Desk evokes stoic elegance, as well as a certain simplicity and appeal that any history lover would associate with power, glory, and literary culture. On a more practical note, this beautifully classic home office desk features a center drawer with a drop-front for keyboard use as well as two utility drawers and one removable computer insert.

The Perigold Phillips Collection

Last but not least, the fifth collection we bring you (as part of our best furniture store reviews series) is the Perigold’s Phillips Collection.


The Phillips Collection features expert designer pieces on organic contemporary furniture and decorations. Their environmentally-friendly outlook allows them to reuse high-quality wood and other organic materials to express their superb craftsmanship.

Perfect for modern interior designs, their Solid Wood Bar Set blends concrete with warm wood grain table tops and barstool seating. Additions such as this barstool set are furniture pieces dedicated to social occasions, allowing you to make the most out of available spaces to accommodate guests and family alike.

Final Thoughts About Perigold Luxury Furniture

Perigold had to be a part of the best furniture store reviews. It stands as a wonderful resource to discover new styles and unique pieces. The brand offers more than a wide variety of luxury, showroom-type furniture, it also sources exquisite furnishing and accessories capable of turning a room into a memorable space.

Furthermore, Perigold’s concierge service, and careful shipment handling, focus on safely delivering the work of excellent manufactures and designers. Whether your furniture preference is Eclectic, Traditional, Classic, Modern or Zen, Perigold has your needs covered.