What software do I need to browse your website?
This site works best using the latest Web browser software from Microsoft. Click on the links below to access current version:

Microsoft Internet Explorer      Firefox Internet Browser

To make for full use of the site, your Web browser software must support JavaScript.

Why isn’t Room Planner working on my machine?
Room Planner requires version 6.0 or higher of the Adobe Flash plug-in. Follow the link below to go to the Adobe website, where you can download this plug-in.

Adobe Flash Download Site
Adobe Flash Download Site

What’s a cookie?
This site uses a technology called “cookies” to remember you and the information you are saving.

When you visit the site, we send you back a cookie, which is a small text file. Your Web browser has a special folder on your computer where it keeps cookies. Cookies cannot harm your computer in any way. Only the website that places a cookie on your computer is allowed to read it.

Cookies make your shopping experience on this site easier and more enjoyable by enabling the RoomStore site to remember the contents of your shopping cart and display your selections to you at any time. If you register with RoomStore, cookies allow our site to remember your selections for your next visit, so you do not have to search for the items you were interested in all over again.

If you are visiting this site from a computer used only by you or your family, you should consider having your settings saved when you register. However, if you are using a shared computer in a public environment (i.e. a library, Cyber Cafe or work), you should choose not to have RoomStore remember you automatically when you first register (note that you can update your registration anytime to change this setting).

Internet Explorer 7 and 8 users:
From the Tools drop-down menu, click Internet Options
Select the Privacy tab and click Advanced
Click Override automatic cookie handling
Click Always allow session cookies

For Firefox, similar settings are available under the Tools/Options menu, and to the Privacy tab for similar setting options.

For Chrome, go to Tools/Options and Under the Hood for similar setting options.

Once you have set your browser to accept cookies, close it, open a new browser window and return to the site to continue shopping.

Need More Information?
For any other questions about our site, please e-mail customerservice@blueport.com.