Mattresses and Bedding-Devonshire Twin Mattress/Foundation Set
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Mattresses and Bedding-Devonshire Twin Mattress/Foundation Set
All Set. You're ready for a great night's sleep with the Serta Devonshire mattress collection, which makes use of high-quality support and plush comfort to provide you with the best of both bedding worlds. To this end, layers of foam and down-like fibers supply the suppleness, while an advanced, patented Continuous Support Innerspring mattress offers incredible firmness. The outer covering of the mattress promotes airflow and wicks away moisture for a nicely regulated sleep temperature, and Comfort Last construction boasts strong edges for better seating all the way around your mattress. Set includes Twin mattress and foundation.
Finish: White
Material: Stretch Knit
Unique Features: Pressure-relieving comfort from layers of foam and fluffy fibers combine with advanced innerspring support for a doubly impressive mattress.
Pillo-Fill® enhances airflow and moisture wicking at the sleep surface, promoting a balanced sleeping temperature.
Comfort Last® construction with Reinforced Edge® helps prevent roll-off or sag and uses a durable steel border rod to strengthen the mattress edges.
Care Instructions: Rotate your mattress as needed; this will promote even wear, but is not required for the warranty.
Use an appropriate frame with a center support that extends to the ground.
Don't allow your mattress to get wet; any liquids, water or other fluids may damage the upholstery, causing materials to compress. A mattress protector is recommended to protect against this.
Package includes: Twin Mattress  •  Foundation
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