How Do I Figure Out My Design Style?

Figuring out your design style is a tricky thing. Are you contemporary? Eclectic? Retro? A mix? And what do those terms mean when talking about a room? For example, many of us say our style is "contemporary" but the definition varies so much for each individual. If you're in the process of refurnishing your home or buying furniture for a new home, it's very important to understand your style and how everything will work together to create the look you're going for. 

Get Googling, Pinning, our Houzzing

Before tackling the shopping process, start searching for rooms instead of terms. Look on Google Images, Pinterest, or Houzz and get lost in the different spaces. When you see something you like, save them all in a board, folder, or ideabook. If you're unsure what to search for, try searching for catch-all keywords that will show a variety of different styles such as "bedroom" or "fireplace design". By searching in this way, you'll find a variety of different design solutions and styles to help you visually identify your look. 

Make a List

A week later, take a look at what images you've saved with a fresh eye. Write down trends you notice from picture to picture. For example, have you noticed that seven of the rooms have starburst mirrors? Or, that all the rooms have fabric sofas instead of leather? You'll notice themes throughout your these images that will help you understand what you like. You'll notice that your "themes" list is morphing into a shopping list such as: circular mirrors, microfiber sofa, moroccan tile rug, and slipper chairs.

Find Your Interior Design Style

Here are some things to look for throughout photos: 

  • What types of wall art and decor are in the rooms? Are there kinds that I like or don't like? 
  • Are there mostly fabric sofas? Or leather sectionals? 
  • What kinds of coffee tables do the rooms feature? Do they have clean lines or have room for storage?
  • Are there colors I'm gravitating towards? Or do the colors vary? 
  • Are there consistent materials throughout the photos? 

Start Shopping

Start the shopping process with the list you just made. As you do this, pin or save what products you like. That way, you can look at everything holistically and make sure everything ties into the style you want. Shopping online is a great way to make sure your keeping to your style and plan. Check out the example Pinterest board we created to get the look from one of the rooms above!

Image Sources: Paul Moon Design, Houzz Traditional RoomsErika Bonnell, Inc., Paul Moon DesignMichael Abrams LimitedJane Lockhart Interior Design

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Name: Mary Klinke
Day: Saturday, August 17, 2013

I suspect I like traditional- modern with dark wood.



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