Transform Your Home for the Perfect Retreat

It’s not too late to go on vacation, minus the hotel room and plane flights. You spend every day in your home – it should be an oasis and a safe haven where you can relax and unwind. Whether you’re looking to create a resort atmosphere in the next couple of days or transform your home into a year-long spa retreat, there are some quick updates you can make to your space. 

Clean It Up

Think of it as spring cleaning, but the summer version. File any excess papers, get rid of anything you don’t need, and clean it all out. Here’s a three-step program to help you: line up three baskets or bins. The first is a throw-away pile, the second is a donation pile, and the third is a “put things back where they belong” pile. And try and donate within the next couple of days so you free up some more space. You’ll feel better and happier in your home if it’s less cluttered and more organized. Once you've removed all excess clutter, thoroughly clean everything. Everything from bathtubs to toilets, and laundry to dusting. Make sure your home looks and breathes clean. And this will also make cleaning in the future easier and quicker.

Rearrange and Refresh

Take a look at the layout from a “guest’s” perspective. Can you move things around? Are things placed where they should be? You may not realize that you’ve been living with the same layout for quite some time and things are in need of a serious update! It's always good to update your home's layout once a year (if not professionally designed). This will help you refresh the space. 

Resort Design

Go Neutral

If you really want to go for the spa/resort look, opt for neutrals and calm colors. It’s always best to have larger items in neutral colors, and bring in patterns and colors with décor items. For example, pairing the Celeste chair with a tropical palm or coral pillow. That way they can be updated and rotated more easily for a fresh new look every couple of months. And make an update to artwork with colorful photography or paintings that will make a statement and calm you at the same time.

Liven Up with Luxury

If you’re due for a furniture upgrade, try out a luxury-look with a chaise lounge or upholstered bed, like the Maison Sand bed. Use softer lighting like table lamps and wall sconces. Not only will these touches give some added luxury, they’ll also offer relaxation and comfort for a complete resort look.

And last of all, remember to relax and enjoy yourself in your home!

Products (from left to right): Celeste Chair, Embroidered Coral Pillow, Tropical Palm Pillow, Air Plant Sea Urchin Trio, Oliver Accent ChestMaison Sand Bed, and Nautical Crab Print

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