Get the Home Ready for Back-to-School

You’re getting your kids ready for back-to-school, but is your house ready? There may be a new list of school supplies and last-minute summer reading but there’s also a need to organize and prepare for the homework, playdates, and after-school clubs before the craziness begins.

Out with the Old, In with the New

There’s a lot of new art projects, book reports, and dioramas coming your way. Before it all begins, take a look at all of last year’s school work and get organized. Display some pieces, and store others, but most of all make sure there are no piles! We love this arts and crafts project from Simple as that Blog and this filing/organization tip from 4 Men 1 Lady

Kids Organization

Create a Home Hub

Find a spot in your home where you can house all activities, field trips, calendars – everything in one place. Invest in a cork board, magnet board, chalkboard, or all three. These boards will help eliminate paper piles over time by helping  you use more wall space.

Invest in Shelving

Get the kids stocked up with shelving like the Black bookcase. They’ll need it for when even more projects come through and make it easy to store loose papers and scattered toys. Look for neat storage bins or paper holders that can hide the clutter and keep their rooms looking neat.

Kids Organization

Reassess their Rooms

Have they outgrown their twin-size bed? Is their desk practical for the homework they’ll be doing this year? Take a look at their furniture and see if now is the time to make an update for the next stage in their life. It might be time for an upgrade to a larger bed, like the Seaside full bed

Create a Cubby System

Are your kids trying out new activities this year? Create a cubby system for weekly activities near your entryway or doorway to make sure that no one forgets that baseball glove on their way to school. We love this idea from Pinterest

Kids Organization

Whatever updates your home needs to get back-to-school ready, make sure you do it sooner than later so you have time to relax before the summer ends!

Not right now.