Cauliflower Baked “Mac” and Cheese

Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s also time for some good barbecue! Whether it’s ribs, burgers and hot dogs, or barbecue chicken wings, the one staple for all barbecue is some good baked mac and cheese. The problem is that summer is also the season of health and fitness and mac and cheese is loaded with carbs and doesn’t provide much nutritional value. But what if I told you there was a low-carb healthy alternative that is just as delicious and even the kids will love it?! Try it with cauliflower!

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Lemonade Strawberry Bread

We’ve all seen recipes for Lemon Blueberry Bread but what about giving some love to the duo of strawberries and lemons!  It may not be something you’ve thought about but with summer being in full swing and strawberries being everywhere you’ll want to try this recipe….now!  It’s so easy to make and the lemon and strawberries blend together perfectly to create a delicious dessert (or breakfast!) treat with just a slight hint of tang from the lemon.

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Tasty (and Patriotic) Firecracker Cupcakes

Summer months are a welcome return to sun-filled days, slices of cold watermelon, lingering evenings and the fireworks displays we know and love with baseball season and patriotic holidays.

In the spirit of summer, these bright cupcakes are topped with fresh fruits, and use a cookie cutter trick to create star-shaped watermelon toppers, reminiscent of fireworks. The bright red and blue berry hues paired with a healthy serving of white frosting make for quite the patriotic color combination — perfect for bringing along to your next summer gathering or 4th of July party.

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DIY Fun & Funky Personal Journal

When it comes to journals, I am SUPER PICKY! There are soooo many beautiful ones sold at stores. However, I often find them too thick (to carry around in my bag),  too small/short  (I run out of page room quickly), and too expensive (this costs WHAT?!). So, what’s a economical solutionist to do? Create my own, personalizing it . And, you can too using items that you most likely already have at home.

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