Tasty (and Patriotic) Firecracker Cupcakes

Summer months are a welcome return to sun-filled days, slices of cold watermelon, lingering evenings and the fireworks displays we know and love with baseball season and patriotic holidays.

In the spirit of summer, these bright cupcakes are topped with fresh fruits, and use a cookie cutter trick to create star-shaped watermelon toppers, reminiscent of fireworks. The bright red and blue berry hues paired with a healthy serving of white frosting make for quite the patriotic color combination — perfect for bringing along to your next summer gathering or 4th of July party.

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DIY Fun & Funky Personal Journal

When it comes to journals, I am SUPER PICKY! There are soooo many beautiful ones sold at stores. However, I often find them too thick (to carry around in my bag),  too small/short  (I run out of page room quickly), and too expensive (this costs WHAT?!). So, what’s a economical solutionist to do? Create my own, personalizing it . And, you can too using items that you most likely already have at home.

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Arugula Refried Bean Burrito Feature Image

Arugula Refried Bean Burrito

Can you feel that summer is here?  We sure can. When it’s the beginning of June and you’re already complaining that it’s too hot you might have a problem!  With the temperatures rising, the last thing we want to do is eat hot food. Even worse, we definitely don’t want to turn on the stove!

Pamela Reed, from Brooklyn Farm Girl, is going to show us a light, refreshing summer recipe. These fresh burritos are full of vegetables and will cool you down. They’re perfect to take already made to work, or you can take all the supplies to the park for a picnic with friends and let everyone make their own.

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DIY Store-Quality Nightstand

Cassie Bustamante, from Primitive & Proper is going to show us how to take a piece in need of a makeover and turn it into a catalog-worthy showstopper! 

When re-inventing a found piece of furniture, there are so many places to seek inspiration. I enjoy perusing magazines, other DIY blogs, and current retail stores with great style. I recently came across a sweet little midcentury nightstand (actually found for me by Sarah Dorsey, who has a great eye for design).

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Calm the Chaos of your Laundry Room with These Helpful Hacks

Although we may wish that we spent less time in the laundry, the truth is, unless we’re prepared to do a ‘major cull’ of our clothes, or go on a shopping-strike, doing the laundry will continue to be a part of daily life. However, Gabrielle Anschau, from Trend Mogul, is going to show us how to make the laundry room struggle a little easier, and even, dare we say it, enjoyable!

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